30 Day Kettlebell Workout Forest Vance Interview

The fitness industry is full of controversy. There is a claim floating out there that Kettlebell training is the best and fastest way to lose fat. Whether or not this claim is true is up for debate, but what I do know is that Kettlebells work.

Sometimes I love Kettlebells, and sometimes I hate them. But I do know they work. This is why when my friend Forest Vance emailed me to tell me about his brand new 10-week Kettlebell program, I had to try it! I grabbed it from his new site, 10x10kettlebells.com, and starting swinging away.

The workouts in this program are simple but tough. I’ll write up a full review of the workout program soon. But until then, let’s hear from Forest:

Parth: Welcome back to the blog Forest. What have you been up to since our last talk?

Forest: Hey Parth – thanks for having me back.

Well, as you know, I own a kettlebell gym/personal training studio in Sacramento, CA … I’m still “in the trenches” training groups and private training sessions there every day, so that along with everything else that goes into running a small business, it keeps me busy for sure! :)

Also, I’ve continued to create articles, videos, and new programs on a regular basis at my main kettlebell training site, KettlebellBasics.net.

How is the 30 Day Kettlebell Fat Loss Solution different from any other routine you’ve put together?

Well, the 30 Day Kettlebell Fat Loss Solution is geared toward the kettlebell trainee who wants to lean down, lose weight and “get it back”.

It’s designed for folks who have limited time and energy and who want a program that’s fast and efficient.

And it’s a fresh angle on a truly effective kettlebell training plan!

Parth: Can you explain why Kettlebells are so good at burning fat?

Forest: Kettlebells are a unique low-cost, full-body conditioning tool for folks with limited time.  This is because KB’s:

1. Place demands on multiple muscle groups and energy systems

2. Offset your center of gravity/cause your body to work harder to maintain balance

3. Allow you to incorporate strength and cardio into a single workout

Parth: What do you feel is the biggest problem with people who train with Kettlebells these days? Why aren’t they getting results?

Forest: It’s without a doubt what I call “Kettlebell ADHD”.

This happens when folks jump around from program to program – but never pick one and stick with it.

They scour the internet for new KB workouts and training videos, and use the tips and tricks they get in their own training on a regular basis …

But their biggest problem is that they don’t learn how to use kettlebells correctly from the beginning.  They never learn the true intricacies and fine points of the basic moves like the swing and Turkish get up.

And with this much exercise variety, it’s almost impossible to learn all the moves correctly in any reasonable amount of time – especially if you’re a kettlebell beginner.

I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve trained that have started with kettlebells in this info-overload, learn-many-exercises-but-master-none, no-real-structured-program fashion, and upon meeting with me and being put on a steady diet of the ‘basics’ for a month or two, have seen their progress go through the roof!

Parth: Can you share with me some results with clients who’ve used your system?

Forest: Sure – here are a couple of testimonials:

‘If You’re Looking To Get Started With Kettlebells, Start Here’ …

“I wish I had this guide months ago, before I went into information overload. This is the most concise guide I’ve found for starting out with kettlebells. If you are looking to get started with kettlebells, start here.

The exercises are all explained very well. The workouts are extremely well put together with suggestions for progression as you improve. Thanks to the guide and the videos on kettlebellbasics.net, my form has improved in just a few days and I’ll lose less training time due to bruised forearms.”

-Trent C, Houston, TX

‘A Great Starting Point For Learning The Basics Of Kettlebell Training’ …

“This guide is a great starting point for anyone looking to start an excercise program that actually works. Kettlebell workouts are one of the most intense workouts I have every done. The quick start guide is very informative and is great with the pictures and descriptions … I am down almost 15 lbs now. Its been a good thing. Kettlebells have definitely increased my strength and conditioning.”

– Issac S, Sacramento, CA

I also have lots more on 10x10kettlebells.com

Parth: What is the best way to break through a training plateau?

Forest: A very common reason folks hit a training plateau is becuase they don’t change their workout.  A great way to break through this is to switch things up with a new and well designed program.

Parth: If you had to give my readers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Forest: To pick a solidly designed training plan that’s appropriate for their training goals and stick with it long enough for it to work!!


Awesome Coach! Check out Forest Vance’s 30 Day Kettlebell Fat Loss Solution at 10x10Kettlebells.com!

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