6 Reasons why 10 Minute Workouts Work!

People know the benefits of working out, but don’t have much . That is why we created a series of 10-minute in the Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior Member’s section. Daniel tells you why 10 Minute Workouts are so effective:

1 – You Don’t need to Train for 1 Hour

In fact, you SHOULDN’T train for an hour. Actually, the cut-off time is 45 minutes. Why? Because that’s when you’re body starts to catabolize (break down muscle). is super important, so the last thing you want to is to break it down.

Steroid-pumped bodybuilders do not need to worry about catabolism, but YOU DO. There are a series of supplements amateur and professional bodybuilders takes (besides the steroids), that allow them to train longer and harder.

However, we are not bodybuilders. If your goal is to be a bodybuilder, then you are on the wrong website. I will have to refer you to Bodybuilding.com and T-Mag.com. Shah Training and Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior provides solutions for real, average, every day people who want to eat better and look better.

2 – Proper Selection

So what really makes a 10-minute effective is the exercise selection. We focus on using that give you the biggest bang for your buck. What does that exactly mean? Well, we start off with using compound, multi-muscle movements.

The more we can recruit within a given exercise, the better the results. So, instead of using 1 exercise for each muscle group, we’re using 1 exercise for multiple muscle groups. This drastically decreases the time you spend exercising.

The interesting thing is that since our workouts are bodyweight-only, it’s quite easy to come up with shorter workouts. It’s actually HARD to isolate your body with . A pushup is going to work more than just your chest!

One of the biggest time-wasters are Situps. Here’s why.

3 – Challenging, Monthly Workouts

Those that join our will get a new, challenging workout each month. This is crucial. Because even an will become easy and boring after a while. Hence, you need to keep yourself challenged with a new workout each month.

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4 – Can’t Muck around with Nutrition

Because you’re only training 10 minutes once every 1-2 days, you need to focus on your nutrition. Many people feel that a longer workout will help them make up for bad nutrition. Well, has it worked so far?

Nope, it hasn’t. So why keep doing something that doesn’t work? Luckily, we already have a done-for you diet plan in the Members Section. It’s called 3-day detox, and it will literally re-set and re-program you to eating clean.

So, a 10  minute workout FORCES you to focus on nutrition. Just like anything in life, there are multiple pieces to complete a puzzle. Click here to learn more about what these pieces of the puzzle are, and how to put them together for better results!

5 – Train Based on your Time

Most of us have long working hours. My cousin works 70 hours per week. My father works over 80 hours per week. And along the way, there’s no time to focus on yourself. That’s why we are so fat as a nation.

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6 – Life’s Tough, and You Deserve It

You’ve got kids at home you want to spend time with. A significant other that requires your attention. You’ve got a full time job, and a myriad of other responsibilities. Even though our lives are not physically tough, our lives our mentally tough.

And you deserve it. You deserve to become healthier, stronger, leaner, and happier. So why not take a chance and give 10-minute workouts a go? I mean, the only thing you have to lose is….about 10 minutes a day.

Hey, if you don’t want to join the Members Section, we understand (actually, we don’t). But to help you out, here’s a quick way to create your own 10 minute workout.

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