6 Rules to get your Exercise Done

Follow these 6 rules to help you get the most out of your training regimen:

Rule #1: Get ONE major thing done in the morning

You need to make a priority list, and then figure out where fitness goals end up on that list. I try to get my exercise done after I meditate and pray. Sometimes chores come in the way. But putting exercise off until later in the day never works. You do what is least important later in the day, and most important earlier in the day.

Rule #2: Get a workout partner

A workout partner is very important, even if you meet that person once a week. A workout partner helps keep you in check, and in turn you keep your workout partner in check. When you start slipping, it’s your workout partner’s job to get you back on track.

Rule #3: Plan your Day

Every night, sit down and plan the next day. I find that if I schedule my workouts, I have a greater chance of getting them done. For example, if I schedule a 10 AM workout, even if I get to it at 11 AM, between 10 and 11, its in the back of my mind that I need to get it done. Schedules keep you accountable. Use them.

Rule #4: Stick to your Schedule

So you’re good at making schedules, but you’re bad at keeping them. I got you. This is the biggest problem people have. Well, in this case, accountability is the issue. You’re not able to keep yourself accountable to yourself, despite a schedule. You need help. Perhaps grab your workout partner and make them the one who keeps you on schedule as well.

Rule #5: Make a Commitment to achieving Goals

We’re great at writing down our goals, but are not very good at staying committed to those goals. In other words, you can write down a goal, and then decide a few days later that the goal isn’t important enough to put yourself at an inconvenience. When writing the goal, make sure you really want it. Along with writing down the goal, also write down all the things you will need to give up in order to achieve that goal.

Rule #6: Start with a Solid Program

Notice I didn’t say start with the RIGHT program. No perfect program exists, but there are plenty of great, tested and proven workout routines to choose from. Trying to find the “perfect” program is often an excuse people use to procrastinate on getting started with a plan. Just get started. You can make adjustments along the way. 

Do not simply exist, conquer!

– Parth

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