7 Cool Kettlebell Squat Variations

kettlebell squat

Squats are awesome! When people come to workout with me, they’re surprised at how many squats I make them do. I love them because they work for and . Here are 7 cool squat variations:

The Kettlebell Front Squat

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab the Kettlebell and it up to your shoulders as if doing a . From this position, keep your feet grounded, back straight, and abs brace as you execute a full squat.


Kettlebell Overhead Squat

Stand with your feet shoulder with apart, and snatch the Kettlebell over your head, and hold that position. You can also the Kettlebell over head. From this position, keep your back straight, and squat down.

Kettlebell Pistol

A pistol is a one-legged squat. In order to perform this movement with a Kettlebell, grab the Kettlebell on either side with both hands. With your feet shoulder width apart, and your back straight, lift one leg up and squat down.

Goblet Squat

Just as in a pistol, hold the Kettlebell on either side with two hands. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, back straight, and abs braced as you sit back. Bend at the knees and execute the full squat.


Kettlebell Squat and Press

The Kettlebell Squat and Press is a combination of the and press. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and rack the kettlebell. Keeping your back straight, squat down, and then stand back up and perform a push press.

Double Kettlebell Squat

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and grab to Kettlebells. Clean them both to the rack position. Keep your abs tight and back straight as you sit back and squat down. Make sure you keep the Kettlebell close to your body.

Bottoms Up Hold Front Squat

Use a light Kettlebell when performing this variation. Grab the Kettlebell from the handle, and grip it tightly. Now clean it up so that the bottom of the Kettlebell is facing the sky, and squat down from this position.

Hope you enjoyed these kettlebell squat variations!

BONUS TIP: Do not add all of these movements in a single routine. I recommend using one squat variation per month. This gives you the chance to perfect the movement, and get the most bang for your buck.


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