If you have a product or service that has anything to do with exercising in the comfort of your own home, then you may want to consider advertising on ShahTraining.com.

There are numerous options:

  • Text link within email
  • Affiliate Products
  • Guest posts
  • Text link ads
  • Popups
  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Solo ads
  • Product reviews

Text Link within Email

Cost: $60 for 30 days

Description: A growing list of Shah Training readers receive an informative email first thing in the morning. Your text link will be included at the bottom of each email, under the “Sponsors” section.

Affiliate Products

Cost: Commission based

Description: Affiliate marketing is where I earn a certain amount of commission for each sale coming through my website.

 Here are the sort of products I prefer:

  • Fitness eBooks
  • Exercise equipment

Basically, any sort of implement and workout that makes getting in shape at home easier.

Your product should have a minimum $20 commission for each sale I make. You may still contact me if you have a cheaper or lower commission product, and I may promote it if is especially good.

If you would like me to promote your product on my site as an affiliate, simply send an email to shah@shahtraining.com. Make sure you provide a download link for the eBook or videos that you are promoting.

I will not promote anything blindly. I must see the product before any considerations.

Note: I generally do not promote supplements, but there are exceptions.

Guest Posts

Cost: Free

Guest posts are articles that you write which you can publish on my site. For complete rules on guest post, please click here.

Text Link Ads

Cost: $30 for 30 days

Text Link Ads are ads which are linked within the content of each post based on keywords or phrases. These links are managed by Bixt.net. When you purchase a keyword or phrase, a link will appear each time the phrase appears on the blog.

Examples of links with ads include:

  • Weight loss
  • Fat loss
  • Six pack abs

If there is already an ad purchased for a link you need, then you will have to wait until the advertisement expires.


Cost: $60 for 30 days

There are currently 2 types of popups: a lightbox, and a screen filter lightbox. In addition, there is a slide-in.

All three of these ad pieces are for available to help you advertise your product or service.

Banner Ads

Cost: $105 for 30 days

Banner ads are available to be placed on the sidebar of the blog. This bid is for the highest available position on the sidebar.  If there is someone who has previously paid for 30 days, then you will receive a position below them, or will have to wait for the completion of the 30 days.

Sponsored Post

Cost: $75

A sponsored post is different than a blog post, as a sponsored post has more freedom in terms of content and backlinks. A sponsored post can be a full advertisement of a product, or it can be a blog post with an advertising component.

Solo Ads

Cost: $105 per email

A daily email is sent to Shah Training subscribers. When you purchase a solo ad, you get access to my list for a single day. You can then directly pitch your product or service to my list.

This cost also includes any copywriting work necessary before sending out the email. We will go back and forth with the email copy until both parties are satisfied.

Product Reviews

Cost: $90

Product reviews are simple: you send us a product, and we will review it. We charge an upfront fee for the review since we won’t be taking any commissions for sales. This is a one-time fee.

To purchase an ad option, or for any questions, please contact me at shah@shahtraining.com

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