Beginner Fat Loss Workouts and Bodyweight Interval Program

Beginners need to be super careful when starting a fat loss workout program. Excessive jogging, which is what most beginners do when trying to lose fat, can cause over use injuries. I am the prime example: I have terrible knees, due mainly to too much jogging.

All that bouncing is too much for your joints. The alternative, of course, is to jog on a treadmill, but that is just too boring. It seems ridiculous to purchase and expensive piece of equipment or join a gym, just to jog on a treadmill.

What beginners need are bodyweight interval programs designed to help them burn fat while saving their joints. Bodyweight interval programs and circuits are fun, and work much better then your typical cardio training.

Research shows that doing 6 hours of cardio per week for 50 weeks (or 300 total hours of cardio) only results in about 5-6 pounds of weight loss. Why spend so much time for so little results?

Instead, focus on boosting your metabolic rate with Bodwyeight interval programs. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest. So, the key to permanent fat loss is to have a high metabolic rate.

How do you raise your metabolic rate? By increasing your heart rate using interval training! Interval training is where you perform a high intensity exercise for a short period of time, followed by a short period of rest.

Here is what you need in a good beginner fat loss program:

  • Strength Training Portion
  • Interval Training Portion
  • Simple Nutrition Plan

In this article, we are focusing on the interval training portion, which we’ll perform using bodyweight movements. Start off with a general warmup that involves easy movements, mobility drills, and static stretches.

After your warmup, decide how long you want each interval to last. You can start off with a 10 second interval, and rest for double or triple the time. For example, perform prisoner lunges for 10 seconds, alternating sides, followed by a 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 5-6 rounds.

If that is too easy for you, then you can either increase the interval time, decrease the rest time, or perform more rounds.

Don’t worry. Beginners can use interval training. This may sound hard, but you can do it! Researchers have used interval training successfully on all kinds of populations including overweight beginners.

Researchers also concluded that beginners ENJOY interval training more than steady state cardio. If you enjoy something, you are more likely to stick to it. And the key to any exercise program is to stick to it!

Study after study after study also shows that interval training burns more belly fat then steady state cardio. Then why would you ever perform regular cardio again? Interval training should be your only choice!

Are you ready to begin your beginner interval program? Then I recommend sticking to Craig Ballantyne’s bodyweight workouts. He has 3 versions of his Bodyweight Cardio program, where you’ll find some great interval workouts!

He has a complete beginner package to help you get started. Click here to check out Craig’s Total Beginner Program!

You can use a lot of different movements. You do not have to use just pushups, pullups, or squats. There are actually hundreds of unique bodyweight movements you can use based on your fitness level!

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