Best Bodyweight Suspension Routine

So I’ve been really looking into routines lately. I particularly interested in how people are creating their own suspension systems . None of the expensive TRX stuff.

Through my search I came across this really cool video:

Some pretty interesting stuff! I especially like the parallel pole climb at the end + climbing over the monkey bars. This guy is mad tall too, meaning that he looks really thing, but probably has a lot of muscle mass!

Anyways, some of the you can easily perform with a piece of rope. The following is a little video I made that shows you how to create a system with martial arts belts:

There’s another cool way to do the suspension even if you don’t have something over head to hang the rope over. I’ll be uploading that video pretty soon!

But until then, lets go over some movements you can do with a home made suspension training system to help you put together a basic routine:

Rope Pullups

Grab the handles and simply lift your body up towards the rope as much as you can. Rope are much harder than doing pullups on the bar, so start off with half the reps you can do of regular pullups.

Rope Inverted Rows

Lay down on the floor. Grab the handles, and make your body straight. Beginners can keep their feet flat on the floor. Advanced trainees should keep their feet straight. Another option is to place your feet on a chair.

Rope Double Chinups

Grab one handle, with two hands. With my system, you will need to place the handles against each other with both hands. Pull your body up. These are a bit easier than doing the Rope Pullups.

Rope Straight Arm Rollers

Honestly, I don’t know what this movement is called, but it resembles an ab roller, and works the same muscle groups. You saw the guy doing it in the video. Simply take the position of a pushup with your hands on the rope. While keeping your arms straight, move them forward. Move them as far in front of your body as possible. This is a killer ab movement

Rope Overhead Leg Lifts

Another crazy ab movement is to hang from the rope, and lift your legs up while keeping them straight up and over your head. The key to this movement is to do it in a controlled fashion. If you try to use momentum, you will start to shake uncontrollably.

Rope Dips

Grab the handles, and keep your hands close to your body. Lift your feet off the ground, and tuck them behind you. Slowly dip your body towards the ground by bending at the elbows. Try and go to parallel.

There you go. Some killer . If you want to take your home suspension training to the next level, then I suggest you grab a program known as . TacFit rope is a complete showing a variety of unique movements you can do with a piece of rope.


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3 Comments on “Best Bodyweight Suspension Routine”

  1. I made my own suspension trainer, but they are too hard to adjust. You have to untie and re-tie for different heights. I found the best ones for a good price are Jungle Gyms from

    Also, hanging upside-down from that height on thin, unrated cords is very dangerous. If he were to fall he would suffer a spine or neck injury.

  2. Ernie,

    Use martial arts belts. Much more durable. I don’t know what kind of rope he was using, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. The way I used Martial arts belts, I don’t need to adjust and re-adjust for different heights. Not sure what you were using.

    – Parth

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