Best Bodyweight Training Exercises for Men

Everyone out there is talking about pullups, pushups, and squats when it comes to bodyweight training. However, what about some really unique exercises? The reason why people believe that bodyweight training alone can not help them achieve the kind of fitness they desire is because they do not take the time to seek out some unique exercises.

Well, I’m going to show you a few unique movements that will really help you spice up your bodyweight workouts:

Reverse Pushups

  • Lie face down with your arms at your sides as if your were doing a typical pushup. However, instead of the fingers pointed towards the front of your body, reverse the grip and have your fingers point towards your feet.
  • Keep your hands and elbows close to your body and push your body up until your arms are extended. Lower and repeat.

Side Plank

  • Lay on your side on the ground. Prop your right elbow under your right shoulder and raise your hips up until your body is straight. Keep your abs tight and hips straight.
  • Hold this position for the time desired, then return to starting position.

Elevated Pushups

  • Get three chairs or surfaces of the similar height. Place them in such a way that you can place your hands and feet on them as if you were doing apushup.
  • Keep your body straight and abs contracted as your lower yourself towards the ground. Keep going past the point of parallel. You should feel an extra stretch on your chest.
  • Push back up to starting position and repeat.

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