Best Way to Lose Stubborn Fat Around Stomach

Lets be real. is pretty easy. Change your eating habits and start working out, and you’ll start to fairly quickly. If you can drop 1-2 pounds a week, you’re doing a pretty good job. HOWEVER, it’s the that’s hard to lose.

Everyone has that one part on their body that carries a lot of that is just difficult to get rid of. For men it’s usually chest and love handles. For women it’s hips and thighs. Regardless of your problem spot, there is really only one solution to dropping that last bit of fat: do super high puke inducing that is harder than anything you’ve ever done before.

But…is the concept REALLY that simple?

In a way, yes. In a way, no. Here’s the thing: the reason why super intense workouts work because they create a caloric deficit. Fat loss basically comes down to burning more calories than you consume. None of the fancy shmancy training methods, articles, and studies that you read can refute that truth.

For most people, getting started is hard. But once they start, it’s very easy to burn off the first 30, 40, or 50 lbs. This is just from the basic concept of calorie deficit, which states that you can burn extra calories by:

  1. Eating less
  2. Exercising more

However, when it comes time lose those last 5,10, or 15 lbs of fat. These concepts seem to stop working. You feel as though if you eat any less, you’ll collapse and it will disrupt the way you live your daily life.

Exercising more is also an issue. I’ve known people that are training 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. But they’re barely losing a pound a month. They feel tired, unmotivated, and have no idea what to do next.

I tell them they need to stop working out longer. Instead, workout at a higher intensity level. Forget about the distance cardio. Stop listening to the fitness magazines and all those “famous” trainers you see on TV.

Instead, hit the weights and engage in “super high intensity puke inducing workouts that is harder than anything you’ve ever done before.”

You’ll be shocked. Your workouts will last maybe 45 minutes (or even shorter). But the results will be incredible. This is something that most people don’t know about. For some reason, people don’t realize that the rules of creating a caloric deficit need to be changed.

They should be:

  1. Eating Less
  2. Exercising at a Higher Intensity Level (as opposed to eating more).

Think of fat loss as a race. A runner starts off at a nice pace. He’s ahead of the pack, and he has these 2 guys following him, about a foot or two away through the race. Now, it’s about a half mile to go. It’s now or never.

In order to win, he can either continue at the pace he’s going, or speed up break away from those 2 guys. If he continues at the pace he’s at, then he’s assuming that the other 2 guys are getting tired and are going to slow down.

That’s the wrong assumption.

Instead, if he pushes himself just a little bit harder to create a greater distance between himself and the other 2 guys, he can almost GUARANTEE success!

I mean, come on, you know at least one of those 2 guys is just waiting for the leader to slack off so that they can out run him. So, just out run THEM. Push yourself. Increase the intensity finish that race!

Luckily, just created a great program called . This is the program that will help you drop those stubborn pounds. Click here to read a recent interview I conducted with him.

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