Best Weight Training Workouts for Men Over 40

As you get older, your mind relapses into things you “know.” You come to believe the notion that an old dog can’t learn new tricks. Well I believe you CAN learn new tricks. You can transform yourself if you truly wanted to.

The amount of fitness information out there has exploded in the past decade. There are a lot of great new techniques that have been coming out. Lots of unique workouts that can help you get into great shape.

For men over the age of 40, exercise is that much harder because of one reason: your mind. Unless you have some major health problems, which you need sort out with your doctor,
you should be able to perform a high intensity workout to help achieve your goals.

If you want transform yourself from a couch potato pencil pusher into an athletic man of steel, then I suggest grabbing one of Craig Ballantyne’s training program. Craig actually just celebrated is 35th birthday last month, so he’s getting closer to middle aged.

But he’s able to keep himself in shape by consistently challenging himself with intense workouts. You need to do the same. Constantly switch up your workouts – your sets, reps, weight, and exercises.

The name of Craig’s workouts are Turbulence Training.

How Turbulence Training Works

Most of Craig’s programs last for 4 weeks. So you stick to one program for 4 weeks, then switch to a different program, based on your goals. Here is a sample of what Craig Ballantyne’s workouts look like:

This, obviously is an upper body workout. Some of Craig’s programs focus on 3 full body workouts per week. Others include an upper body/lower body split. And his muscle building workouts are based on a more traditional 4-day split.

His workouts are actually very simple, yet brutal. He uses something known as supersets. A superset is where you perform two movements back to back with no rest in between. Once you get good at supersets, you can start performing circuits where you perform 3,4, 5, or even more movements back to back with no rest in between.

And in terms of cardio, Craig does not recommend low intensity cardio. He recommends high intensity interval training, where you perform an all out bout of a movement, followed by a period of rest.

Why Turbulence Training Works

The key to progress with Turbulence Training workouts is minor changes each week. For example, on the second week you might add one more exercise to a circuit. The following week reduce your rest periods.

It’s these small changes that challenge your body and allow you to do more work then you did the previous week. Most people stop seeing results because they keep doing the same movements in the same order every single time.

Hence, the main reason why Turbulence Training works so well is it’s progressive nature. What and how much you do is entirely up to you, but you just need to make sure that you do more this week then you did last week.

From Average to Athlete

The biggest benefit of Turbulence Training is that you will train like an athlete. You are no longer the couch potato pencil pusher that you are in your day job (sorry, just making a generalization).

You will feel stronger, look better, and perform younger than ever before.

But in order to achieve your goals, you need to get started today. Choose from one of the top recommended turbulence training workouts below:

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