Bodyweight Burn

You CAN drop a ton of weight in record time.

But should you? Is it safe?

A long term approach to diet and is obviously your best choice. But let’s face it, there are LEGITIMATE times in your life when you need to make rapid body changes:

* an upcoming special occasion when to want to look your best

* to kick off a goal

* to put the finishing touches on a transformation

* to bust through a stubborn platea

Maybe you and your spouse just booked a romantic last minute vacation deal, and you want to look your best for the beach. Or maybe you’ve got a high school reunion on the horizon, and you want the entire room to watch with envy when you walk in the door.

Whatever your personal situation may be, those “special moments” call for more aggressive fatloss methods.

But it has to be SAFE, effective, and without the risk of “inevitable” rebound weight gain.

And that’s exactly what I’ve found. My buddy and international fatloss expert just put the finishing touches on a brand new diet that’ll strip 10 lbs from your body in the next 12 days.

It contains the most powerful fatloss diet tactics Adam has learned in his 20 years as a coach, trainer and instructor. And today he’s GIVING AWAY his brand new 10-in-12 Diet for free.

Yeah, you read that right. It’s 100% *free* for anyone who grabs his groundbreaking new at $50 OFF the regular price:

==> The 10-in-12 Diet FREE today with Bodyweight Burn ($50 OFF)

Adam is a coach, and he does this stuff all the time. But he STILL got choked up telling me the stories of folks who couldn’t believe how different their body felt and looked in the mirror in LESS than two weeks.

I really want that for you too. That incredible sense of freedom you feel when life opens up. The sensation of your new slim body responding like it hasn’t since you were a teenager.

THIS is the fresh start that’ll motivate you to finally win the body of your dreams.

And you can have all that in less than 2 weeks — if you begin the plan today.

Here’s the thing…

The 10-in-12 Diet is NOT a get-slim-quick starvation diet. It’s designed to keep you healthy and energetic as you quickly drop the most fat possible without losing precious calorie-burning lean muscle in the process.

Adam uses two strategic — and little known — nutritional tactics to make this magic happen.

The first is his unique variation on the “Protein Sparing Modified Fast.” It’s basically a way to reduce calories without putting ANY of your valuable, calorie-burning lean in jeopardy.

The second method is a fat cycling technique that Adam developed. Training your body to be “fat adapted” shifts it to burning fat as its preferential source of fuel. That part is well known. But here’s the twist. By strategically depriving your body of fat for short periods of time, you can trigger a powerful surge in fatloss as your body basically eats its own fat for fuel.

You’ve probably heard of carb cycling before. But Adam’s fat cycling, when done right, is even more powerful when it comes to pulling fat off your frame. Unfortunately, very few people are using it correctly.

By coaxing your body into this fat adapted state as you protect your precious calorie-burning lean muscle mass, you’ll actually see your belly get flatter in the mirror each morning. YouR clothes will feel looser by day 4. And by day 12 you’ll need to pull out some of your “skinny” clothes — or just go shopping for new ones!

As I wrote above, Adam’s strategic 10-in-12 Diet is NOT for sale. It’s only available THIS WEEK at the link below. Adam is giving it away for F.R.E.E. with his brand new Bodyweight Burn program:

==> The 10-in-12 Diet (available this week only)

After this week, the 10-in-12 Diet will not be available for sale anywhere.

But you can get it for *free* when you pick up the brand new Bodyweight Burn program at a HUGE $50 discount this week only.

==> 10-in-12 Diet for F.R.E.E. with Bodyweight Burn (save $50)


This is a real “no brainer.” The 10-in-12 Diet alone is worth more than the asking price of the entire program!

Enjoy your fastest fatloss ever.

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