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Just completed my first workout using the exercises I learned from Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. My first reaction was that I was surprised by how inflexible I was. I’ve been relying too much on pushups, pullups, and squats to get the job done.

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Here was the workout:

12 rounds of:

  • Feet on Box Hand Press, 45 seconds
  • Table Transition Wheel/Table, 45 seconds
  • Jump Squats, 45 seconds

2 out of three exercises here are one’s I’ve never performed before. The Wheel/Table exercise was not necessarily difficult in terms of intensity, but it was difficult in terms of performance.

This was the one that required flexibility. However, after a few rounds of the Wheel/Table movement I started to feel my hips loosening up. Then my shoulders started feeling better. By 8 rounds, I was in a pool of sweat.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution workouts are “sneaky intense.” It’s kind of like Yoga – you don’t expect to sweat, but by the end of the session, you find yourself completely exhausted, yet refreshed.

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