Bodyweight Exercises for Chest

For many men, the chest is the most muscle group to build up, especially if you have no weights. But you really can build up great , if you just understand one fact: are HARD!

When I sat down to write this article, I was immediately reminded of my friend Jag, who told me, “Man, Parth. Pushups are hard.” He then went on to give me a run down of what his looks like:

Since he can’t do any , he sticks to mostly pushups. His workout consists of just running and pushups. That’s all. That’s how he dropped over 30 pounds without changing his diet.

I’ve heard of many individuals who’ve achieved similar results. When I first met my friend Stephen, he had already dropped 50lbs. When I asked him how, he said “Pushups.”

Even if you have no knowledge of exercise science…you can . In fact, you’re probably better off not knowing what you’re doing because then your brain won’t be clogged up with all the mis-information out there.

If you want to build up a solid chest, or if you want to lose , all you need to do is get down and do some solid pushups. Once regular pushups become easy, then you can place your feet up on an object behind you and perform decline pushups.

All my friend does is 100 pushups, of any variation. His goal is to do 100 pushups per day, no matter how many sets it takes. i saw him recently, and his arms are pretty ripped.

Even though I strongly feel that he needs to add in pullups and squats into his routine, he’s still doing a great job with someone who’s a full time student, works full time, and has a dog to look after.

If you’re busy and you think you can’t build a solid body , then you need to get your head examined. Stop making excuses. You don’t need any special equipment. All you need is a solid guide, and the will to do a lot of pushups.

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