Bodyweight Muscle Building: Bodyweight Workout for Mass

Welcome to the next installment in the Bodyweight Muscle Building series. We’ve explored this topic through a variety of articles. Check out the previous articles on this topic to give you an understanding on how bodyweight muscle building works:

In the last installment I went over 6 ways you can add resistance to your dips to help you pack on more muscle. Choose one of these methods, or a combination of a few, to help you increase resistance for the workout below.

Workout A – Upper Body

You will be using Dips and Chinups for your upper body workout. Start off with performing 4 sets of 8. The following week, add resistance, and perform 4 sets of 6. In the third week, perform 4 sets of 4.

Stay at this resistance level, until you are able to perform 4 sets of 8 with the weight you used to perform 4 sets of 4. This will take a few weeks, but you’ll be twice as strong at the end of the cycle!

Workout B – Lower Body

The lower body workout is much simpler. Alternate between bulgarian split squats and step ups. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions, with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.

So, your workout looks something like this:

3 rounds of:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 repetitions, rest 30 seconds
  • Step Ups x 10 repetitions, rest 30 seconds

In the first workout, do not use any resistance. When you are ready to add resistance, the best methods are a weighted vest or book bag. You can also lift heavy objects, such a cardboard box filled with books or a sandbag. You can get 50-60 pound sandbags for super cheat at Home Depot and similar stores.

Training Schedule

There are a number of ways to organize your workouts based on how many days per week you wish to train.

Twice per Week

Perform Workout A on Monday, and Workout B on Thursday. This is a great split for those that have never really used chinups and dips as part of a comprehensive fitness program.

Three times per Week

Your training weeks will look like this:

Week One:

  • Monday – Workout A
  • Wednesday – Workout B
  • Friday – Workout A

Week Two:

  • Monday – Workout B
  • Wednesday – Workout A
  • Friday – Workout B

This split is great for intermediate trainees. You will be training your upper body twice in the first week, and your lower body twice in the second week. This will really test your recovery abilities.

Four times per Week

If you can brave this, then KUDOS to you! The split is simple, perform Workout A on Mondays and Thursdays, then perform Workout B on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is gonna get you big and strong super fast, but make sure you’re eating enough to recover.

Next weeks article will be geared towards women. I will be sharing with you the best way for women to get a flat stomach. Until then, I recommend you check out my friend Mike Thiga’s bodyweight muscle building workout, The Muscle Experiment. Click here for more info!