Bodyweight Strength Training: The Secret to Gorilla-like Strength

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Many people ask if you can use to produce extraordinary strength. The short answer to this would be YES.

But let me ask you this: what kind of strength are you trying to gain? Is it relative strength, like gymnasts or acrobats who are able to lift 6 adult people on their shoulders? Or is it massive power, like a strongman who can perform almost superhuman feats of strength?

Both these forms of strength can be achieved using . The key is in the exercise selection.

You want proof that bodyweight strength training can produce more impressive results than lifting weights? Let’s take a look at Gorillas. We know that a Gorilla’s physical capabilities are produced purely by use of bodyweight training mechanisms. And check this out:

  • A Gorilla is Bigger than the biggest bodybuilder (size)
  • A Gorilla is Faster than fastest bodybuilder (speed)
  • A Gorilla is Stronger than the strongest bodybuilder (strength)

In a nutshell, Gorillas have the 3 characteristics that would make up The Perfect Bodybuilder

…But remember, Gorillas DO NOT lift weights. They use bodyweight techniques. And this is an important fact, so listen closely:

SIZE – The unit amount of muscle fibers available. It’s been shown that exercises which move your body rather than a weight will fire more muscle fibers than exercises which move a weight rather than your body. That’s why Gorillas have such massive arms. (On a side note, I was personally able to pack on 39 lbs of muscle in just under 6 months using nothing but bodyweight training techniques.) Weightlifters take years to do that.

SPEED How fast the muscle fibers contract. Bodyweight training exercises produce far more speed than any other form of training in existence. Look at the amazing speed of martial artists.

STRENGTH – How many muscle fibers contract together at the same time. Look at gymnasts. They perform amazing feats of strength with their arms. If that doesn’t satisfy you, look at Gorillas; in some scenarios they are able to lift up to one TON. Now that’s true strength…all produced by bodyweight training.

This should logically conclude to you that bodyweight training is THE secret to massive strength (and size).

“So how do I know which bodyweight exercises will produce the kind of strength I want?”

Most bodyweight trainers fail because they lack TARGET. They don’t know which exercises are best for size, which ones are best for strength or which ones are best for speed.

If you want relative strength like for gymnasts or acrobats, focus on exercises that challenge your stability, e.g. medicine ball pushups. Exercises which challenge your stability will fire more muscle fibers for the purpose of increasing your balance threshold.

If you want gorilla-like strength, focus more on performing negatives. A negative is the ‘lowering’ part of an exercise repetition. So for example when performing chinups, the negative portion would be the part where you lower yourself to the ground. So instead of performing 10 full chinups, perform 10 ‘negative only’ chinups. This has been scientifically proven to be the best method to produce massive strength.

Obviously you can see how bodyweight will clearly give you the results you desire.

Editor’s note: Mike’s program will certainly help you build massive strength and muscle without lifting weights!

The Muscle Experiment is a bodyweight-only muscle building program developed by Mike Thiga. Yes, you read right. MUSCLE BUILDING. We all know how to drop fat with bodyweight exercises, but _7bb1c213_ is a whole different game plan.

Don’t believe you can build lean muscle mass with bodyweight training? I didn’t either. That was until I came across this full, all-out bodyweight program just for building lean muscle mass.

After grabbing this ebook you’ll NEVER look at bodyweight training the same again.

The “Muscle Experiment” Workouts

Mike Thiga start off his basic, beginners plan with a short, 2-week preparatory phase. During this phase, it’s your goal to get familiar with the exercises and ease into the diet.

  • After the 2 weeks, it’s all hardcore training. There’s 6 months of bodyweight training here.
  • Start off with the first month, and stick to the program for 6 months, and you’ll be stronger and bigger than from when you started off with.
  • The workouts are actually very simplistic. He uses the same exercises each month, more or less.
  • But that’s a good thing, especially for mass and strength. For example, if your goal was to improve your arm strength and size, you would choose a good upper body movement.

Muscle Building through Bodyweight Exercises

Lets say you choose chinups. You can only do 2 chinups. But if you work at it, in a few weeks you’ll be able to crank out 10 chinups. Do you honestly believe that going from 2 chinups to 10 chinups will not make you bigger?

  • That’s more or less the idea behind Mike Thiga’s workouts. What I like about them is that they are progressive.
  • They make sense. My only fear is that they may be too boring, especially if your body adapts too quickly.
  • If you feel that the workouts are starting to get too easy for you, then just move onto the next month.
  • You might actually be able to complete the entire 6 month in 4 months.

I know you are going to love this muscle building program. If for some inexplicable reason you do not love the program, simply email Mike Thiga an explanation of what you did not like and he will offer you a full refund.

Bottom line is I now you are going to love the e-book and benefit from it tremendously. It has been clearly proven by the results that Mike Thiga has achieved from it. And he told me during our interview that he’s moving past the 200lbs mark, with bodyweight training alone!

Get the ebook now for only $27 and rest assured that you are making a great investment in your strength and size goals.


Top 30 Bodyweight Exercises

I’ve bought guides before where they show you how to perform hundreds of . Although variety is great, for mass gain, as mentioned earlier, you need to stick to the basics.

  • So, Mike Thiga actually shows you the best of the best. He has included a special exercise database where he shows you 30 of the exercises.
  • The movements are categorized by bodypart.
  • If in a particular workout one of the exercises starts to become too easy for you, you can easily substitute that movement for a difficult one from the database.

Advanced Bodyweight Training

After the initial 6 month beginner program, you move right into the 6 month advanced program. This is where things get fun (at least for me). Mike Thiga starts to incorporate some really tough movements that you absolutely need to try in the second half of the program.

  • All in all, I feel that the Muscle Experiment is a comprehensive, sound program. Mike thiga basically over delivers.
  • No one in their right minds would charge just $27 for a year’s worth of workouts.
  • That’s ridiculous. You’re only paying $5.59 per month for Mike Thiga’s muscle building workouts.
  • My suggestion is to grab a copy of Mika Thiga’s workouts before he regains his sanity and decides to charge a higher price for his program.

If you want to make sure that you are maximizing the results of bodyweight training or get on the right track from day one, then Mike Thiga’s Bodyweight program is for you. This manual is for all levels. The manual is on sale right now for only $27! (Regular Price: $127). Click below to order and you will receive the download link immediately. If you do not see it in your main folder check your bulk or spam folder.


P.S. If you made it this far then you are definitely ready to purchase this program.  Take charge of your health and benefit from this program or get it as a gift for anyone that cares about maximizing the benefits of bodyweight training.

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