Bodyweight Suspension Workout for Mass

One of the best ways to movements is through . However, you do not need to purchase an expensive TRX system, you can make one yourself:

Another great way to create a suspension device comes from Ross Enamait of

Some people have claimed that it is much too to develop their own suspension system. However, the martial arts belts that I use are durable, and allow me to quickly change the distance as needed.

Suspension training is ideal for building lean simply because it allows you to perform more difficult movements at a lower repetition range. If you can do 30 , then doing the pushups on a suspension system will only allow you to do 5-8 repetitions.

And, we all know that “heavy” training is an absolutely crucial componen to , losing fat, and increasing strength. Here’s a sample workout using suspension training:

3 rounds of:

  • Rope Rows with Feet on Wall x 5
  • Rope Squat Flyes x 10
  • Rope Bicep Curls x 8
  • Close Grip Pushups with Feet on Stabilty Ball x 8

The squat fly is a movement I learned from Scott Sonnon’s . The perform the movement, keep you feet shoulder width apart, and hold the rope straight in front of you. Know squat back. Squat up, and perform a rear raise with the rope.

This is a great movement for the lats. To make it harder for your legs, simply perform the squatting part with one leg. You can keep the other leg in front or behind your body. Here’s a nice tutorial from showing you this variation:

For more movements you can do with a suspension system, check out TacFit Rope. _0a4a1321_

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2 Comments on “Bodyweight Suspension Workout for Mass”

  1. Excellent video for homemade suspension system Parth. I have several belts from Aikido that I can use.
    I am sure that you’ve heard that a smart man learns from his “mistakes” and a wise man learns from the “mistakes of others”. Dude, as I was watching your video and realizing that those belts have to be squeezing the sh%! out of your hands, I had a revelation!
    I am going to use short piece of PCV for handles (gotta sand down the edges to not rip the belts) to save my paws dude!

    Thanks for the cool idea.

  2. Bryan, actually if you tie another knot on top of the first knot, once you’ve decided on the right length of the loop, it prevents the loop from closing in on your hands. But, a PVC pipe would work better, unfortunately, I’m not a handy man…nice solution though

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