Bodyweight Training Calisthenics Exercises for Women

bodyweight calisthenics womenIf fitness is the objective – and it should be for everyone – then you need to find a way to get it done. For a busy woman who has a thousand browsers open in your mind, exercise is the last thing you want to worry about.

Bodyweight training is the simplest, most effective way to burn fat and get in shape while on a hectic schedule. At Shah Training, we have written many guides and workouts to help you make exercise as convenient and simple as possible.

We recommend by starting off with our Bodyweight Work Out Routines for Women Guide HERE. This article goes over why bodyweight training is the most effective tool for women. We also cover the basics of how to develop your own routine in three easy steps!

There is also a great interview we’ve done with world-renown bodyweight trainer, Craig Ballantyne. In this interview, Craig goes over how women can lose fat and transform their bodies without ever lifting a weight: Craig Ballantyne Bodyweight Interview

Once you’ve read these guides, move onto the exercise tutorials:

Finally, check out these great F.REE female-specific bodyweight routines:

There have been some great interviews we have done with top female coaches and trainers:

Additional articles related to Female Bodyweight Training:

We hope this guide helped you out. If you have any questions that have been left unanswered, please feel free to contact us through twitter using #burningquestionST