6 Mistakes From a Bodyweight Training Addict

I’m addicted to . I think about working out 40 times a day and is one of the main reasons why I own a fitness blog. Here are 6 mistakes I’ve made (and still sometimes do) in the past. Please learn from them because they can make the difference between progress and stupidity:

  1. I trained six times a week, and would have trained 7 times a week if I didn’t have to work on the weekends at my fathers store. I over trained like it was my job PLUS I under ate tremendously. I mean, I was actually AFRAID of FOOD!
  2. Doing 500 hindu a day. Hindu squats are a great , but just like most things in life, if you abuse the exercise, you’ll screw up your body. My right knee hurts at a certain angle because of obsession with hindu squats.
  3. Measuring my by how LONG I trained as opposed to how much work I got done. If I wasn’t training for at least an hour at each session, then I wouldn’t stop, no matter how tired I was. Now I know that the shorter the , the better.
  4. Not incorporating enough variety into my training. As I mentioned earlier, I did a lot of Hindu Squats. The only other exercise I did was Hindu Pushups. Then mix that up with some , shadowboxing and running, and you’ve got a great program that lacks variety.
  5. Not paying attention to my diet. Yes, I ate less, and that was just one aspect of a poor diet. The types of food I was eating wasn’t all that great. I stuffed my face with white bread and got my energy from energy drinks. Bad idea!
  6. Sometimes I would just workout for the sake of working out. I like to call it “going through the motions.” You’re just exercising with half effort and not really pushing yourself. This can be for a number of reasons – feeling tired or unmotivated, etc.

Read these six mistakes carefully and make sure you never do what I did wrong.
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  1. CoolRaul

    Good points, Parth. I’m guilty of a few of them! Thanks!

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