Burpees: The Most Intense Bodyweight Exercise

One of my favorite exercises to perform at home is the Burpee. Burpees, are intense and can be performed in a very short period of time. However, just recently I hit a plateau in my workouts.

Burpees started becoming too easy for me. A friend of mine suggested I try adding some weights. So I bought a set of dumbbells and started experimenting with my training. At first I started following some bodybuilding type workouts and adding burpees into the mix.

However, these workouts were extremely boring. That same friend came over and taught me a few new, whole-body dumbbell moves. I was hooked. I began performing simple superset workouts where I would perform a set of burpees followed by a set of a dumbbell exercises.

Some of the exercises my friend taught me included Dumbbell Clean – Front Squat – Thruster, One Arm Military Press, Push Up Row, Sumo Deadlift, Split Squat, Turkish Get Up, and Front Squat – See Saw Press.

These unique exercises really took my health and fitness to the next level. But best of all, they were fun, challenging, and allowed my workouts to be completed within 20-30 minutes. Combining Bodyweight Exercises with Dumbbells has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made regarding my fitness plan.

People feel that they need a gym membership and a lot of time to workout. This is not the case. As I’ve clearly illustrated through this article, all you need are a set of dumbbells and your bodyweight to make some positive impact on your health.