Intermediate Bodyweight Workout For College Students Who Are Too Lazy to Get to the Gym

The other day my cousin called me up. Three minutes into the conversation, he said to me, “Man, I’m so out of shape. I just can’t seem to get to the gym. And when I do have time, I’m just to tired to walk all the way to the gym.” There was a pause. “Can you give me a workout?”

I knew it was coming. My family and friends always try to get free from me. I obliged him. Man, I’m too nice. I’m so nice that I’m going to share with you guys the exact same I gave my cousin.

The Exercises

Parallel – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Your toes should be pointed slightly outwards. Keep your back straight, and core tight. Now pretend that you are sitting down into a chair. You can even practice this movement with a chair at first. If you are practicing with a chair, then keep dropping down until your backside touches the chair just slightly. Return to starting position. Without a chair, what you want to do is stop until your thighs are just parallel to the floor, hence the term “parallel” squats.

Hindu Pushups – Start with your hands and feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your backside raised so that your body is in an upside down ‘V’ position. The key to this movement is to keep your ears parallel to your shoulders. This will ensure that your back is straight. Keep your legs straight as well. Keep your core tight. Now choose a point on the floor and dive towards that point until your nose is about an inch off the ground. Now curve forward and straighten out your body. Your body should still be an inch off the ground. Complete the movement by pushing out forward so that your back is arched.

The best way to describe this movement is to pretend that there is a bar in front of you. Do you remember that game “limbo” as a little kid? The one where you had to walk underneath a bar that kept getting lower and lower without touching it? This works the same way. The only difference is that you are going under the bar head first.

1 1/2 – These are exactly what they sound like. Perform one full chinup. On the way down, stop half way, and perform another chinup from the half way point. If you are unable to perform this movement for the recommended , then just perform regular chinups.


The Workout

Since my cousin is short on time, I told him to organize all his works into a density format. This means he chooses a particular time frame, and moves through the exercises in a circuit for as many times as he can. Here is what the workout looks like:

Maximum rounds in 20 minutes of:

  • Parallel Squats, 10 reps
  • Hindu Pushups, 5 reps
  • 1 1/2 Chinups, 3 reps

Get a timer of some sort (most cell phones have one), and set it for 20 minutes. Move through the workout and record the number of rounds you are able to perform within the given time period. Try to complete more rounds each time you attempt the workout.

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