Diet Principles for Fast Fat Loss

fat-loss-for-menAbsolute, complete beginners who have never exercised a day in their lives may experience significant fat loss without changing their diet. But, no matter how intense your metabolic resistance training is, you will need to improve your diet to see significant changes in your physique.

The key to losing fat is to have a fast metabolic rate. This is why we perform metabolic resistance training designed to boost your metabolic rate. However, if you’re still eating more then you’re burning, you won’t lose any weight.

Another way to increase your metabolic rate is to build lean muscle mass. Men will build more muscle and at a faster rate then women. Because of furnace-like structures known as mitochondria, a person with lots of muscle mass will burn more calories at rest.

Muscle requires energy to maintain, and that energy is made in the mitochondria (you probably recall learning about this in high school).

The last thing we must consider are hormones. When you eat, what you eat, and how often you eat makes a huge difference in which hormones are high or low. One hormone we must be careful of when trying to burn fat is Insulin.

Nutrition is of vital importance in the control of body-shaping hormones. You must pay special attention to what you eat before and after your workouts. First of all, you must go into a workout with proper nutrients.

Do not start a workout if you are in a starved, or nutrient-deprived state. You will not be able to go at full effort for your workout, and your time will be wasted. Second, you need certain nutrients right after your workout.

This is REALLY important because a hard workout creates a huge metabolic demand on your body. After the workout, your body rushes to find the nutrients for restoration of your body to it’s “normal” state.

Let me explain why metabolism is so important: Think of your body as a furnace. In the winter time, your energy bills are higher, because your furnace must work harder to generate heat. In the same way, the higher your metabolic rate, the leaner you will be.

Now, which nutrients are the most important here? Amino Acids and Glucose. During and after your training, your body uses amino acids to repair muscle damage and manage fatigue. Glucose, on the other hand, is what provides energy for your workouts.
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