Hey guys, this site is just a place for me to share my fitness views and experiences. I’m not a fitness expert, although some people have given that title in the past. Please use caution when trying out any of the methods or exercises posted on this website. The videos are for motivation and teaching purposes only and do not replace the advice and personal attention of a well-trained fitness expert. See a doctor before starting a fitness program, especially one that constitutes the use of intense training techniques.

Product Promotions

Let me tell you right now that I do make some commission off all products that I promote through this website.. That’s kinda my job. I’ve taken a huge gamble with my life and decided not to work 9-5 in the city. Why?

Because I believe in freedom. Freedom is what training at home gives you: workout anytime, and workout with your own rules. And it’s only natural that I promote the best products in the world in order to achieve both my physical and financial goals.

So, enjoy the rest of this site, and I hope you love all the products I promote as much as I do!

Good luck with your training!

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