Does TRX Build Muscle Mass?

Question: My gym just got TRX and I loved all the core exercises I was able to do. Howewer, I’m still puzzled as if it counts as body or what? Is it possible to get some decent gains or am I just training for strength/endurance? Should I give it a try in the future or just stick to my lifting program?

Thanks in advance!

Answer: Congrats on trying the TRX suspension system! So many people look at the equipment and wonder what good it can do. Still others just think it’s a strange tool and shy away from it.

So lets get right into your questions:

Is TRX only for Strength Endurance?

Bodyweight training falls under a wide umbrella. There are specific exercises for strength building, , and strength endurance.

Traditionally, have been used primarily as a conditioning, endurance, and fat loss tool. But things are changing dramatically as trainers recognize one thing: your body has no idea how much weight it’s lifting.

So while it takes more creativity to put together a building plan, it doesn’t mean that you can’t with .

TRX vs Weight Lifting

Putting together a routine is quite easy. Choose 2-5 exercises per muscle group. Organize them in a logical manner. Figure out your sets and reps. And go at it.

Since you can’t isolate muscle groups in the same manner with calisthenics, putting together a traditional-style muscle plan can be difficult.

The good news is that with the TRX, you can now perform more isolationist exercises such as bicep curls and tricep extensions, which you wouldn’t be able to do with simply your bodyweight. The following is an upper body workout demonstrated by Dan Long on the TRX:

Can you Build Muscle with TRX?

In a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 36 untrained men were split into two groups. Group A performed a traditional weight while Group A trained with the TRX and bodyweight calisthenics. After 7 weeks, researchers found no significant difference between the muscle gained between the two groups.

In other words, you can build as much muscle with TRX as you can with lifting weights. TRX may be the best option for those that have no access to a gym or have a lifestyle that involves a significant amount of travel.

Suspension training can also be a good program to follow if you desire to take a break from traditional weight lifting.

If you’re looking for a solid suspension trx program, then check out Dan Long’s suspension revolution here.

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