Two Important Tips to Help You Design an Intense Dumbbell Program

I don’t talk much about Dumbbells on this website because I’m assuming most of you are just at home with absolutely no equipment. However, the truth is that even is limiting. One of the most effective and cheapest “upgrades” from training is .

My Dream Paradise!
My Dream Paradise!

There are two important things you need to know when designing an effective and intense Program.

Keep things Big

By “Big” I mean focusing on movements that work a LOT of muscle groups. Some big compound include:

Flat Bench Press

Push Press

Bent Over Row



Keep Things Explosive

I don’t care what anyone else says – you should be lifting FAST and EXPLOSIVE. The goal here is fitness, not beach muscles. Try to move like an athlete by performing high-power movements such as:




Now that you have some intense dumbbell movements in your arsenal, you can combine dumbbell exercises with bodyweight training for some fast and effective workouts. Check out for some great high intensity workouts:

Gladiator Body Workout

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