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“Train Like an MMA Fighter for Ultimate Strength and Conditioning


Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

Whether or not you’re an MMA fighter, if your goal is to develop strong, functional muscle as opposed to just building a body that looks pretty, then Eric Wong’s program is the one for you.

Eric Wong is a professional MMA trainer who’s trained many UFC athletes.

Here’s a list of all the athletes using Eric Wong’s program:

  • Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin, UFC Fighter
  • Ray “The Hitman” Penny, Pro MMA Fighter
  • John A., MMA Light Heavyweight – KCMO
  • Rory McDonell, Pro MMA Fighter
  • Subaig Singh, UK Mixed Martial Artist
  • Jack Szatko, 2007 Joslin’s Canadian Open Champ
  • Anthony Tullo, 2003 BJJ Canadian National Gold Medalist
  • JC Cousin, MMA Fighter
  • Rocci Williams, MMA Fighter
  • Larry Fagesbaker, Kickboxer

I’m not an MMA fighter, but I am a black belt in Karate. Karate contributed tremendously to my transformation from an overweight 13 year old kid to an athlete.

Martial arts can transform any lazy, overweight individual into a lean and strong athlete. But Eric’s program doesn’t involve performing punches or kicks.

It’s a purely strength and conditioning program using weights and bodyweight movements. It’s a great program for MMA and other pro athletes, but it’s also an incredible program for average joes who want to challenge themselves with intense workouts.


“…Eric’s program gave me that confidence.
The regimen drastically improved my
cardio, strength, and my explosiveness….”

rory mcdonell mma

“I owe my solid conditioning base to Eric. As a professional fighter conditioning is king. Even more important, however, is having enough confidence in your conditioning to give 100% effort in the ring for the duration of the fight, without worrying about gassing out.

Eric’s program gave me that confidence. The regimen drastically improved my cardio, strength, and my explosiveness.”

Rory McDonell, Pro MMA Fighter

“…that was EXACTLY how I want to feel….”

bjj training program

“My cardio felt amazing, as did my recovery between matches…I came a long way since Dec… that was exactly how I want to feel, and look forward to keep pushing it and moving forward!”

Jack Szatko, 2007 Joslin’s Canadian Open Champ

Here’s What you Get:

  • Ultimate MMA Program Manual
  • iPod Exercise Videos – Downloadable that allow you to watch all the exercises on your iPod
  • Nutrition-itsu – Complete nutrition program for the athlete
  • 7-Day Quick-Start Guide to Nutrition-Itsu
  • “No Sweat” Weight-cutting guide for MMA
  • The Ultimate Fight Prep Warmup

All this content put together would cost you $97…but Eric is Offering them all for just $57. That’s a huge bargain!

After going through these workouts, you’ll be much leaner and healthier!

Click here to Grab your Copy Today!

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