Expert Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat in a Month

Belly is inappropriate for its way of interference with any of the outfit you wear and makes you feel awkward in public.It is just a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight. It really depresses oneself.

Medical Ailments :

It is not the case, real consequences are even worse! If this expands in your abdominal cavity around the viscera, especially stomach, it may put you to even serious health issues. Thus this fat is also known as . It in turns to  churn out hormones like cortisol , glucocorticoid and inflammatory substances known as cytokines that interrupts the body:s production of insulin. It may lead  to higher risks of type 2 diabetes mellitus . It could be as threatening as heart diseases like atherosclerosis.

One must give its entire body a shape-up by spending number of minutes daily as follows:

  • Try yoga: As we know fat around the stomach is most obvious in eagerly women. A recent study suggested that there is huge reduction in visceral fat who tried yoga for just sixteen weeks. If one could not afford a tough routine, any sort of relaxation exercise or even deep breathing can do help. The aim is to deal with or lower the stress hormone cortisol which is directly linked with the fat around stomach.
  • Say no to Alcohol : It has shown by studies that people consuming high doses of alcohol tend to increase their waist size. Alcohol increases central body fat – fat around the waist. So one must keep an eye on its daily Alcohol consumption
  • Add some in diet: Protein is important nutrient for weight control as it helps to retain muscle mass during . It increases the basal metabolic rate and increases the release of satiety hormone named as peptide Y. This hormone tends to signal brain center which in turn decrease appetite. So one must have a good protein source included in each meal. Some of the sources of protein are eggs, meat, fish, nuts, dairy, pulses etc.
  • Go for thousand dollars sleep: people who go to at the same time in evening have lower levels of body fat so one must take care of late night habits on weekends. The mechanism behind is your biological clock which operates on circadian rhythm that is adjusted by our daily habits. Irregular sleep habits make your internal clock to go astray which will n turn causes your body to secrete excessive fat storing hormone like cortisol . Usually ditching your sleep to five hours or less per night increases fat. It has been proved by a study. 8 hours of sleep has proven to medically sufficient and is ideal for losing belly fat. So 8 is the number one must dream of.
  • Crave for green tea and green fiber : Two to three cups of green tea a day helps losing belly fa immediately as it is highly enriched with antioxidants. Same as above green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and green peas are very beneficial in losing belly fat around viscera/stomach. Green Fiber also known as soluble fiber absorbs water from the food and makes amalgam of it which causes it to pass easily through intestines. On the other hand it makes you feel full which activates the satiety center in our brain and inhibits us to eat more food. In addition soluble fiber decreases the amount if absorbed from the food. Other high fiber foods are flax seeds noodles etc..
  • Avoid non healthy foods: foods high in trans fatty acids must not be taken They lead to increased in stomach fat. So of the foods high in fat are margarine, processed cheese and spreads. These fat are connected with a much higher risk of hear diseases. It is better to replace your daily high fat oil with coconut oil which is one of the healthiest fat you can eat. It contains medium chain fats which boosts up the metabolism and decrease the amount of fat in response to high fat intake.
  • Take a breath (don’t stress) :Stress increases the release of stress hormone called cortisol which is directly related to increase belly fat around stomach. Women who take daily stress are more likely to put on fat around their stomach. This in turn increases their waist size and they feel awful. So to be slim and sound one must get involved in some productive activities to keep their stress levels normal. This can be done by getting involved in some sports or yoga or meditation.
  • Do some cardiovascular : Aerobic or cvs exercises are the best way to reduce belly fat and improve health status. Aerobic exercises are popular for burning excess fat from the body. One must consult a physical or fitness trainer to get best of it. If suffering from cardiovascular disease one must consult physical therapy consultants to get better results.
  • Avoid Sugar and beverages : Sugar contain fructose which is a high calorie sugar. This is directly linked to increasing belly fat. It also increases the incidence of cvs disease, diabetes, fatty liver and obesity. Beverages contain liquid fructose. It cause increase in liver fat and sometimes may lead to fatty liver. These are even dangerous than high sugar foods as our brain cannot process liquid calories as it does solid ones so you ill end up storing too much calories which later on appear as stored fat. So to lose belly/stomach fat must avoid sugary beverages like carbonated soda, sweet tea, alcohol etc.

 Losing belly fat does not always have to be too complicated. Follow this guide to achieve a fitter and healthier body you’ve always wanted.

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