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Last night, I finished watching the third season of The Walking Dead. I was never compelled to watch anything having to do with Zombies (with the exception of Will Smith’ I am Legend), simply because I thought “that’s stupid.”

Well, Zombies are pretty stupid. They have no brain, and operate purely on instinct. If you cut off their arms and mouths, all you have are lifeless, walking beings you can use as camels to hold your gear.

Zombies are effective when there’s whole bunch of them. Zombies are hard to kill because if you miss their head, they still keep coming at you. Zombies are also great at sneaking up on you. You might think they’re just sitting there, dead. But the moment they smell you…watch out!

With all that said, the probability of a actually taking place is very slim. However, a general apocalypse might take place. I’m talking about a situation where there’s no government, no power, no phones, no internet, nothing. Life as you know it, doesn’t exist and you have to re-build civilization.

Such apocalypses did occur in human history. One such apocalypse off the top of my head is the plague that took place in Europe. I’ve seen History Channel documentaries on the event, and it was pretty bad. But we survived through it, didn’t we (I’m talking about the human race, not specifically you and me). The point is, that we human beings are survivors. We were built to survive.

I was watching another documentary on Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens. The reason why Homo Sapiens survived was that we had the ability to figure stuff out. We are more than just animals. We are sentient beings with the ability to think. Other animals have the same ability, but there is a limit to this ability. When you study human history, you can see just how limitless the human potential to survive is. We’ve gone to the moon, invented the internet, and pushed our bodies to incredible limits.

The Essentials

So exactly how would you prepare for a Zombie apocalypse? Well, first of all, learning actual skills would be far more beneficial than being the fittest guy in the world. But I guarantee a bodybuilding mentality that involves training 2 hours a day and taking in enormous amounts of protein and supplements will not help you survive such a calamity.

The smaller guys will have a greater chance of surviving than the bigger guys because they’ll be able to outrun a swarm of zombies. Even in a disaster scenario without Zombies, you still have to deal with looters and other people that want what you have: essential resources. So you better be light on your feet, fast, and be able to run for a while.

Watching The Living Dead, I’ve also noticed there’s a lot of jumping and scaling fences involved. This requires pulling and explosive power.

In short, being big and strong is not going to help you survive a Zombie apocalypse. It’s about being lean, fast, and explosive.

Skills Training

Lets go over some drills you can use to outrun zombies, jump over fences, and overall be awesome:

Scaling Fences

Find a good fence, and climb over it. Now turn around, and climb back over it. Scaling fences is extremely important. It can be a huge hurdle for someone who’s out of shape. However, it’s a skill in itself. If you’re being chased, and you’ve never climbed a fence before, well that’s the right time for you to figure out how to do it. Figure it out ahead of time.

Scale Fence and Sprint

Don’t think that just because you’ve scaled the fence, you’re safe. If the guy or Zombie chasing you is good at scaling (or knocking down) fences, you’re still in danger. So as soon as you land, you sprint. Don’t even think for a moment. Sprint as fast as you can and get out of danger.

Zombie Agility Drill

There will be times where you’re going to be running away from one Zombie, but will have to switch directions quickly because there’s another Zombie in front of you. This drill is fun to do with 2-3 partners. Make them all walk and snarl like Zombies. Have your friends come chase from different directions so that you can focus on switching directions quickly while maintaing your speed.

Slide and Jump

Another great tactic to escape Zombies is to slide under a car and come out from the other side (unless there’s a Zombie on that side to). Now, the bottom of my car looks kind of gross, and I won’t have you sliding all over your driveway underneath your car (unless you want to). Just practice the skill of sliding smoothly on your back, and then getting up quickly. Jump up as you get up, then return back to starting position and slide in the other direction.

Zombie Thrust

Now we get into killing a Zombie. You want to shoot for the head, so a straight thrust with a sharp object is what you need to do. Grab your self a stick (please don’t do this with a sharp object), get into a fighting stance (one leg in front of the other), and body to the side. I’ve noticed that thrusting a sharp object into the head of a Zombie, as seen on The Walking Dead, is a lot like throwing a punch. You twist and throw your entire body into it. So if you want to become en efficient Zombie killer, check out some boxing/martial arts videos where they show you how to punch.

The Workouts

This was all a lot of fun and everything, but seriously, if you had to face an end of the world scenario, you’d better be fit–because nothing is going to keep you alive longer than your own body, and it’s ability to get you out of a jam.

Thankfully, my buddy Roman has a designed to help you. Yes, that’s right–he’s got a program specifically designed to get you in the kind of shape you’ll need to be in to survive.

In fact, it’s even called The Zombi Apocalypse Survival Workout, and as Roman says, it’s the ONLY workout designed to help you slay the undead, protect your family, and make it through the end of the world.

And you DO want to protect your family and survive the end of the world, don’t you?

You see, when the world ends–whether it’s zombies or a giant power outage or an asteroid–no matter what, society will change. Things like wealth and power won’t matter as much; what will matter is your ability to adapt and stay alive.

You’ll need to be strong enough to carry your equipment around, or fight when necessary; fast enough to run when needed; and have enough endurance to make sure that you get away.

And that’s what the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout will do for you. It’s a multi-dimensional approach to fitness, a 12 week program that is designed to make you capable of ANYTHING.

During the program, you’ll…

  • build strength and muscle
  • build speed
  • develop insane endurance and .
  • get leaner
  • build resistance to injuries
  • even jump higher and swing harder

In other words, ZAW will touch on EVERY aspect of fitness.

If you’re familiar with the idea of “crossfit”, then you have a basic understanding of what the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout is all about. It’s not a program that will develop pure strength or designed purely for fat loss or purely for endurance–you’ll get enough of each of these to be extremely good all of them, just not enough to master any one of them. Click here to learn how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

Which is EXACTLY what you need to survive Zombies…and life in general, whether the world has ended or not.

Look, being strong is awesome, and for strength very few things beat powerlifting…but I think we can agree that as controversial as crossfit is, the average crossfitter is going to survive a lot longer than the average power lifter when the world ends.

When the zombies come, it won’t be enough to “just” be strong or “just” be lean or “just” have good endurance–you’ll need all of them at once. The same goes for life as it is now…unless you’re competing in something, you don’t need to be amazing at anything, and so a program like ZAW is amazing for general fitness, as well.

So, whether you’re trying to prepare for the end of the world, or just for life in this one, the Zombie Apocalypse is a program you should have in your arsenal. Click here to learn how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

And, since the end of the world may begin in just 4 days, NOW would be a good time to pick it up…because Roman is running a sale on ZAW until the 21st…the exact date the Mayans say the world will end.

From now until midnight Friday–and not a second later–you can pick up the Zombi Apocalypse Survival Workout for $30 off–nearly 40% off from the standard price.

Again, this is the ONLY workout designed to help you survive the end of the world, so if you grab it today you can start preparing for the worst by getting yourself into the best shape possible.

Don’t miss out on this chance to save yourself, and your family. Click here to learn how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

I’d hate to see you as a Zombie when the world ends.

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