Fitness Class Ideas and a Marketing Plan

If you’re looking for some class ideas, then you need to listen to a guy named . Craig has been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and he has been teaching trainers how its done. In other words, he’s the trainer of the trainers!Check out this interview he did with Kaiser revealing some of his tips:

5 Awesome tips to boost your Business:

  • Set up a website with basic info about your bootcamp . Hire a search engine marketing consultant to help you get your website on the first page of local search results. This will give your bootcamp business online exposure.
  • Offer discounted rates for new customers for the first 30 days. Make sure they get results in these first 30 days, so they stick around and pay full price.
  • Once a month, have an open house event in your health club so that people can workout for free. This will help them experience your with no obligation. Make sure the workouts are awesome, so they feel compelled to sign up on the spot.
  • Hire a local celebrity or a great personality to speak at your opening or special events. Constantly hold various events to draw customers to your bootcamp classes.
  • Offer some free to your bootcamp . This is a great way to turn your paying bootcamp clients into paying personal training clients.

This was just a snippet of how to use bootcamp classes to make more money in your fitness business. If you’re looking for more and bootcamp business tips, then check out Craig Ballantyne’s 2.0.
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