For the Best Female Body, Stop Reading Fitness Magazines

I’m really tired of these fitness magazines. Each week, I help my father out at his convenience store at the city. The other day, I picked up a female fitness magazine, simply because there was an attractive actress on the cover. As I flipped through it, I noticed how many garbage articles were being published in the magazine.

And next to each picture of an attractive model, there was an advertisement from a supplement company. In fact, these magazines are run by supplement magazines. Just to give you a few examples, Muscle Linc. is owned by Iron Man. Muscle Media used to be owned byEAS.

And Weider owns Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and a many other publications. On top of that, if these magazines don’t get advertisements (from supplement companies, of course), they don’t profit from their magazines. It’s as simple as that.

If there was at least some effort on their side to come out with new and unique content, then I wouldn’t be suspicious of their intentions. But the fact is that they rehash the same garbage over and over again. I know, since I’m sitting at the store, month after month, noticing the same headlines over and over again.

Why Women Need Better Information

I’ve known for a while now that the majority of what is written in fitness magazines is BS. But, I had never thought about just how many WRONG things are being written in regards to training for women. Female fitness programs are still lagging behind those that men follow.

And it’s actually easier for men to get into shape, compared to women. So I would think that there would be more programs out their catering to women who want to get in shape the RIGHT way, instead of using the same old boring fitness routines that just don’t make any sense in our day in age.

One of the most important things lacking in female fitness program is Intensity. Women are told to go lighter and longer. In other words, instead of adding weight to an exercise, they are told to add repetitions. Instead of making a workout more difficult, they are told to go easier, but just workout longer.

It’s as if women are some delicate species that will get sick from intense exercise.  The truth is the intense, more difficult workouts will create more leaner, sexier, and athletic looking bodies.

Are you Willing to Change your Fitness Program?

Now that I have your attention, it’s time for you to decide: do you want to continue to see a lack of results with fitness magazine workouts, or do you finally want a resource that will absolutely transform your body using very simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home?

What’s more, you can perform these workouts with limited time, without purchasing any equipment at all. Of course, I’m talking about bodyweight training. Those pictures I showed you earlier were of gymnasts, dancers, and yogis – three types of athletes that have mastered the art of bodyweight training for fitness.

What makes gymnastics, dancing, and yoga different then traditional forms of bodyweight training is it teaches you how to move your body through a variety of different movement planes. For example,pushups just each your body to go up and down.

A movement inspired by dance or gymnastics will teach your body to move up, down, side, back, twist, jump, etc. There will be greater carry over to every day life because you will be engaging the muscles you used to perform every day activities.

Introducing: CST
The only people that are teaching this form of bodyweight training come from Circular Strength Training (CST). CST is a training system developed by Coach ScottSonnon, which revolves around two revolutionary concepts: 1) Six Degrees of Freedom, and 2) 4×7 Progression.

The Six Degrees of Freedom (SDF) describes exactly what I mentioned earlier: moving your body through multiple planes of movement. The SDF, as described by Coach Scott Sonnan, are:

  • Heaving – Up and Down
  • Surging – Front and Back
  • Swaying – Side to Side
  • Yawing – Twisting
  • Pitching – Rolling Forward or Backward
  • Rolling – Bending to the Side

Now, performing a movement that has you move up and down and front to back is fine, but what really makes the workouts of dancers and gymnastics unique is something known as “Flow.” Flow is exactly what it sounds like – moving from one plane of movement to another with ease and grace.

In other words you need to create bodyweight workouts where in one second you’re moving up and down, and the next movement you’re moving side to side. If you notice the movement patterns of great bodyweight athletes, you’ll notice this sort of pattern.

CST certified Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock have developed two impressive fitness programs that revolve around these two concepts. They are Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is an overall introduction to CST bodyweight training and features 5, 28-day fitness programs. There is one for fat loss, strength, mass gain, general fitness, and athleticism. If you go through each program separately, in 5 months you’d have literally transformed your health and physique. Click here for more information.

Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss is focused primarily on using Bodyweight Exercises for Fat Loss. It incorporates all of the same ideas as Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, but the workouts are geared towards helping your lose as much fat in the shortest time possible. Click here for more information.

You need to make the decision today: Are you going to continue to follow pointless fitness magazines and never get any impressive results, or you going to take a chance and try some trully unique ideas using CST bodyweight exercises? Start today with either Bodyweight Exercise Revolution or Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.