Do You Make these Mistakes when Trying to Gain Muscle?



Are You Making these 4 Muscle Building Mistakes?

1 – Too Much Volume

When you first stepped into the gym, you began with a specific number of sets and reps. You got great results initially, but after a few weeks, you stopped seeing those results. So you began to add more sets and reps.

The results came back, so you thought, “every time I stop seeing results, I’ll just add more sets and reps.”

You continued in this manner: every 3-4 weeks, you added more sets and reps. However, you hit such a terrible plateau in your results that no matter how many more sets and reps you performed, you were unable to gain any more .

What gives?

2 – Too Little Volume

On the other hand, you may have made the mistake of using too little volume. When you first went into the gym, you decided to focus on lifting heavy weights, with low reps. This approach got you results really fast.

But, after a few weeks, you stopped seeing results. You add more weight to your exercises, and immediately the results come back again. So you decide that from now on, you’re going to keep adding more weights every time you see a lack of results.

But one day, your results stop completely. You keep adding more weight to a point where you are lifting dangerously heavy weights – weights you can not handle – and are still unable to put on .

What gives?

3 – Do Not Eat Enough

Because you are afraid to put on fat, you closely monitor your caloric intake. Every single time you try to put on muscle, you increase your caloric intake, but the moment you see a bit of fat gain, you cut calories to prevent the problem.

You do this because you realize that fat gain is a problem. If you gain too much fat, then you need to start cutting calories later on, and risk losing your hard earned muscle mass. You feel like you’re in a constant battle between gaining muscle and losing fat.

There HAS to be a better solution!

4 – Too Much Cardio

To battle fat gain, you end up performing lots of cardio. However, excessive cardio actually breaks down muscle mass. So, eating like an animal, then working out hard, then doing cardio – all these things are making you look worse, not better.

You need a smarter approach. The smarter approach to building lean muscle mass while minimizing fat gain is known as Controlled Overtraining.

What is Controlled Overtraining?

In order to understand Controlled Overtraining, tracked down the guy who developed this method: Nick Nilsson:

They call the “Mad Scientist” of Muscle. Maybe that’s why he just came out with a great new product called, Mad Scientist Muscle. I took a glance at this muscle building program myself and was thoroughly impressed by all the different techniques Nick had come up with.

As you can see, he’s a big guy. But can he help YOU get big? Well, here’s some feedback from someone who’s used his muscle building program:

Just thought I’d let you know that I finished the first 4 weeks and tested my 1 rep max for bench yesterday. I’m not sure exactly where I was when I started but I’d say between 200 & 215. When I did it yesterday, I maxed out at 245 which is quite an improvement over what I was thinking. I was hoping for 250 by xmas and it’s still September!

As for putting on the weight, I’m +4-5 pounds depending on the day but still working on putting on some more weight.

Thanks again for your help,


That’is incredible! He’s only 4 weeks into the program and still packed on 4 lbs of lean muscle mass! Everyone knows that a pound a week of muscle mass is difficult to gain. So what did Nick teach Steve that produced such amazing results?

In order to discover the answer to this question, I tracked Nick down for an interview regarding his Mad Scientist Muscle program, which uses Controlled Overtraining as it’s cornerstone:

Parth Shah: Can you tell my readers about Mad Scientist Muscle?

Nick Nilsson: Absolutely!  This program is a collection of the best training techniques and that I’ve learned, used and come up with over my past 20+ years of training.  It’s based on a system of “controlled overtraining” where you purposefully increase your training load and move yourself towards  short-term overtraining. When you get to this point, you then back off and let your body recover and build.  THAT is where the big-time results are.

The training techniques and exercises you’ll use in these phases really work to achieve these goals quickly and effectively.  You’ll be working WITH your body’s natural reaction to training rather than against it or in spite of it as many programs, do.  This will help you avoid plateaus.

Parth: Looks like you have a lot of unique and difficult training techniques. Is Mad Scientist Muscle recommended for beginners?

Nick Nilsson: This program is definitely not for completely beginners but it’s PERFECT for right after you’ve finished the beginner stage of about 3 to 4 months of regular training.  This time period is when your body has adapted to training and if you don’t know how to change thing up, you’ll stagnate. This program teaches you how to really work with your body and achieve even better results.

Parth: Why do you need so many unique techniques? Isn’t gaining muscle as simple as lifting heavier weights?


Nick Nilsson: Your body is smart!  Just lifting heavier weights will work but only for a certain period of time until your body adapts.  Then you need to make adjustments or you hit a plateau.  This program gives you a structure for making those adjustments so you don’t have to worry about when to do it or what to do. The unique techniques serve this purpose by hitting muscles with a variety of different demands.  Your body has to learn to adapt to each one, which helps avoid plateaus.

Parth: I’m interested in using some of your techniques with only. Which is your favorite muscle building move?

Nick Nilsson: One of my favorite is the bodyweight tricep extension. With this one, you just need a bar or railing a few feet off the ground. Stand in front of it, about 3 feet back and set your hands on top.  Now, bending only at the elbows, lower your head under the bar, just like you were trying to stretch out your triceps.  Now push yourself back up.  This is a GREAT exercise for the triceps.

Parth: What’s your take on cardio during a muscle gain cycle?

Nick Nilsson: I usually recommend pretty minimal cardio, if any.   There are people who can do cardio and still gain good muscle mass but for some, doing cardio will slow down or stop the process because of the extra recovery energy required.

Parth: You seem to be training out of a home gym. As you know, most my readers have home gyms. What kind of equipment does one need to complete your program?

Nick Nilsson: Just basic items like barbells, dumbells and a bench!  If you’ve got a power rack, that’ll be even better, especially for some of the partial range training.  But bottom line, it’s the basic free that works.

Parth: Let’s talk about nutrition. What are some fundamental mistakes you see advanced trainees making with their diets?

Nick Nilsson: The biggest mistake people tend to make is overthinking.  Nutrition just doesn’t have to be that complicated.  The best rule of thumb you can follow is to eat foods that are closest to their natural state – if your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, then don’t eat it.

Parth: Thanks. Any final piece of advice you’d like to share with my readers?

Nick Nilsson: Train hard and push your limits!  You never really know what your limits are until you test them.

If you’re been training for at least 6 months, then you need to check Nick’s Mad Scientist Muscle program. Those plateau’s are tough to break through, but with Nick’s training techniques, you’ll keep gaining muscle until you’ve achieved your goals.

Build Muscle with Bodyweight Exercise and Light Weights!

Nick Nillsson is the kind of guy that can find a way to using pretty much any sort of equipment! He came out with a system known as Time Volume Training, that helps you build lots of muscle with using just bodyweight movements. You can also use this exercise technique if you have light dumbbells. Click here to read the article about time volume training.

If you’re been training for at least 6 months, then you need to check Nick’s Mad Scientist Muscle program. Those plateau’s are tough to break through, but with Nick’s training techniques, you’ll keep gaining muscle until you’ve achieved your goals.

Yes! I want to Build Lean Muscle Mass at Warp Speed. Click here to grab a copy of Mad Scientist Muscle today!

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