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Question: I just started my cut (1 month in) and have started GVT with a friend just to try something new as I completed my third cycle of 531. I ended up really enjoying the high volume work as it led to amazing pumps, so I have been doing GVT for the last two weeks now and have had a lot of fun. I know I won’t be able to build any on a cut. So my question is, will I be doing myself a disservice by like this for an extended period of time even though my diet and sleep/rest are in check? Will I experience anything negative such as atrophy of muscles?

If it helps my stats are 5’5, ~170lbs, between 20-15% bf. Eating at a 500kcal deficit (~2200kcal).

Thanks for your time

Answer: GVT will completely change your training. For those that don’t know, German Volume Training is essentially performing 10 sets of 10 with 60 seconds rest in between.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The method was made popular by Vince Gironda, and brought back by Charles Poliquin.

Your question essentially is whether or not you will lose while on GVT. The best answer regarding muscle loss while cutting comes from . Watch this video:

In short, it’s all a mental game. You need to stop being afraid of losing muscle, and just . See where you are at the end of your cutting phase, then adjust.

With regards to german volume training specifically, I am more concerned with whether or not you’ll be able to stick to it rather than whether or not you’ll lose muscle mass.

A high-volume training requires a higher caloric requirement, which is why GVT is actually for . There are many versions of German Volume Training out there, and so based on which version you perform, you will see different results.

Try GVT, but if you find yourself struggling, feeling extremely weak on your caloric deficit, then scale back the volume. Do your own version of the plan.

Frankly, you’re better off following a more balanced approach to cutting. The best approach is put together by of The Body Transformation Blueprint. Click HERE to learn more!

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