Get Big Muscles Quick…Without Gaining Fat

The thing I hate about is that you also gain fat at the same time. I was talking to a bodybuilder the other day who’s been for 8 years. He’s a pretty big guy, and he told me that gaining fat is part of the process.

So then what the hell is talking about? Does he know something the rest of the bodybuilders in the world don’t know?

Well…not really. There are certainly people out there who remain relatively lean year-round, including Vince Delmonte. Which is why Vince has just launched a 21-day program that helps you pack on without gaining fat!

How is this possible?

It has to do with nutrition. Unlike most bodybuilding diets that require you to eat anything and everything in sight, Vince’s nutrition plan focuses on eating real designed to amplify the hormones in your body that help you build lean .

Just because you’re training hard in the gym does not mean you can eat potato chips, fast food, and alcohol. With the exception of a little alcohol junk and fast food should not even be part of your cheat meals!

And with shows on TV like the Jersey Shore where you see bulky guys drinking and partying and still able to maintain their mass, people get the wrong idea. Guaranteed, these guys are going to have some serious health problems when they’re out of their “youthful” years.

Not only are you hurting yourself internally, but you’re also making it harder to lean out when you move onto your “cutting” phase. Don’t be one of those guys that are constantly one a bulking phase just because they don’t have the discipline to break their bad habits.

Now I get it. And Vince gets it too. muscle, especially for skinny guys, can be overwhelming. So they follow suit and try to do what Michael Phelps does and eat 14,000 calories of junk every day.

What people don’t realize is that building muscle requires quality calories. Junk food isn’t going to do it. In fact, if you eat nutrient dense foods, you can gain more muscle with less food, so you won’t go crazy trying to get your 14,000 calorie fill on a daily basis (that makes me sick just thinking about it).

The key is to plan it out. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. When I ask people what they eat, they’re best answer is usually “Food.” You should be able to spell out everything you eat, from the moment you wake up to bed time.

Vince shares with you his bulking diet, and out of the seven meals he ate, only one was a cheat meal. One cheat meal per day, that’s it. You’re not eating random junk 7 times per day!

However, there’s something more to it…Vince was only able to go through his bulking diet for 2 weeks at a time. He felt sick by the end of those 2 weeks and had to stop. Even I felt sick the last time I went through a “bulking” phase.

My stomach usually gets really gassy with all the food I eat. And I gain weight muscle pretty quickly. However, I realized this – what’s the point of gaining 5 lbs of muscle, if you’re going to gain 5 lbs of fat with it?

Most bodybuilders would say…but that’s the only way. Vince has a different solution.

And he put his new ideas to the test. Not just on himself, but on 100 different people.The results were incredible!

Vince created a short, 21-day cycle with the goal of packing on as much muscle as possible. He packed on 7.4 lbs of muscle, and lost 1.2 lbs of fat!

That’s more muscle then most people pack on after 12 weeks of hardcore training. And this would be super impressive if he was a beginner. But as you know, Vince Delmonte is no beginner.

If you want to learn more about Vince’s new transformation, and why Tradiational Bulking is not a good idea if you want to mass, check out his awesome new program.. Click here to learn more.

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