Get your Summer Body with these 4 Outdoor Workouts

The summer is here, and it’s time to take your workouts outdoors! Outside workouts will give you the same benefit as you get in the gym, but will also give you a great new change of pace. Plus, since you have more room outdoors, you have a greater choice of exercise you can do.

The following are three great ways to outdoors:

Uphill Sprints

Uphill sprints are a great . They challenge your cardiovascular system, and engage your muscles. The workout is easy: find a hill, sprint upwards, and then jog back down. Repeat 6 to 10 times.

If you don’t have access to a hill, then I recommend running up and down bleachers as fast as you can. It has a very similar effect, and requires greater lower body strength.


Bootcamp is another great way to exercise outdoors. You can get a great cardio and workout in one. Bootcamps are especially great for people who dislike long boring cardio sessions. Boot camp classes also involve other people, so the group atmosphere will push you to keep going. In addition, you have a personal trainer there teaching the class, so you know that you are getting great, professional advice.

You can also perform on your own. Click here to grab some done-for-you bootcamp programs.

Jump Roping

Jump roping is another great activity. Jump roping is a quick, fun way to get your done. I personally love it because it makes me feel like Rocky Balboa. I also enjoy jump roping because I don’t have to go anywhere. I can just go to the backyard and start skipping!

Bodyweight Strength Training

Bodyweight strength training is what you see all those big guys doing in the park. The basics such as pull-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, pike holds, lunges, squats, and burpees at the park will do wonders for your body. These movements have helped people and lose fat for years. If you’re looking for a great muscle building you can do at the park, then click here.

Start incorporating these incredible workout options this summer, and watch your body transform! Make this summer your best summer yet.

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