Getting Ripped Without Weights

If you want to succeed with anything in life, you need to step outside your . This is why I am up at 3:53 in the morning writing this article. A normal human being would not be doing this, and yet, thousands of people at strange hours of the day, and put themselves through rigorous for a goal that speaks to them so clearly every single day.I am talking about .

We sit here and we talk about . We talk about diet. We talk about the perfect and this and that and this.

But olympic athletes just do it. They wake up and just do it.

I’m reminded of and Rocky. If you read his biography, you will note that he had no clue what he was doing while shooting Rocky and Rambo. He put his body through pain, but that pain ignited a fire on him, which came out on screen.

Now that he knows everything there is to know about exercise and diet, Mr. Stallone can stay quite ripped year-round. However, he no longer has that fire in his eyes I saw in his younger day, which is why I can no longer enjoy his movies.

The pain and suffering one goes through makes what they do more special. It’s not about doing something right or wrong. You’ll be able to figure out all that along the way. The journey is what matter. The journey will strengthen your character and show you what’s important in your life.

Do you have a goal like that in your life?

Yes you do. It’s to improve your body. It’s to . The reasoning behind this is your own. Perhaps you just want to know if you can do it. Perhaps it’s for your family – you want to be stronger and leaner to keep up with your children, to improve your sex life, to improve energy levels so that you can work harder and longer to earn a living.

Regardless of the reason, you know you want it bad. Really bad.

So how do you get ripped with bodyweight exercise? Very simple: you get out of your comfort zone.

You do something different. If you adapt to the regimen, then it’s time to switch up your program.

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