3 High Intensity Dumbbell and Bodyweight Interval Training Schemes you can Perform at Home

Interval Training is a great intensity technique which helps you blur the lines between cardio and strength training. I personally love combining cardio and strength training because it saves me time. I no longer have to perform separate cardio and strength training workouts.

Actually, I need to stop using the word cardio. It’s not cardio, it’s Energy Systems Training (EST). EST is all about improving the way your body uses nutrients to fuel strenuous physical activity. In other words, train your heart and lungs to help you fuel your workouts.

In addition, if your muscles can get nutrients faster, then you can also improve recovery within and in between workouts. EST is what you should be focusing on. Not steady state, boring cardio. In fact, distance cardio actually places less stress on your heart and lunges than most people think.

How to Set up a Dumbbell and Bodyweight Interval Training Routine

There are three elements to a successful interval training routine:

  1. High Intensity Exercises
  2. Work Interval
  3. Rest Interval
Time is NOT on your Side
Time is NOT on your Side

There are lots of work and rest interval schemes to choose from. The following are my top three work/rest interval schemes:

  • 20/10 – This is the basic Tabata scheme. Perform a movement for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Complete 8 total intervals of this scheme. These are the traditional rules ofTabata, but you can either perform more intervals, or less intervals based on your level of fitness.
  • 60/30 – This interval scheme works better for calisthenics moves such as jumping jacks and run in place or cardio exercises such as jump roping or shadowboxing. I’ve tried performing basic bodyweight exercises such asPushups and Pullups with this scheme and frankly, it’s just too hard (and somewhat boring). In short, a longer interval scheme works better for cardio and calisthenics, and shorter one for strength moves.
  • 30/30 – This is the middle way. Almost everything will work with this method. Complete beginners should start with 60/30, then move on to 30/30, and finally end with 20/10.

Now that you have all this great knowledge in your arsenal, it’s time to create some high intensity interval workouts and get back into shape.

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