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Not having a gym membership is no excuse for not reaching your goals. Simply by being alive, you are in possession of the best tool ever made for getting lean and burning fat – your own body.

That’s right, you really don’t need access to any fancy cardio machines, vibration plates or lots of heavy weights to . You can get the body you desire in the comfort on your own .

Home Workout Options:

There are plenty of methods which are excellent for . They all require very little storage space, can be transported easily, and are relatively inexpensive.

–          . These range in weight from 4 kilograms right up to 60kg. An 8 or 12kg bell is a good place for most people to start. They are great for explosive exercises such as swings, snatches and high pulls. If you’re looking to get started with Kettlebells, then check this out ==> Kettlebell Burn

–          Resistance Bands. A very light tool that offers you literally thousands of exercise alternatives. Try a beginner resistance band package, and add in pullaparts, face pulls, x-band walks and band curls to your home .

–          Medicine Balls. These are fantastic for adding weight to squats and lunges, and also for invigorating your . Check out this unique program =>>TacFit Medicine  Ball PDS System

Home Workout Guidelines

Just as gyms have rules, you need to set yourself some guidelines when working out .

–          Don’t turn the TV on while you’re training, it’ll only distract you.

–          Unless you’re actually training with someone, make sure there’s no one else in the room when you’re working out. Just like the TV, it won’t help your concentration.

–          Wear comfortable workout clothes.

–          Put a mat/towel down so that you don’t scratch or sweat on the flooring, and so your back is protected when doing floor work.

–          Work just as hard as you would in the gym.

–          In the Summer, take your workouts into the garden for a change of scenery.

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