How to Achieve the Ottermode Boxer’s Physique

Any regimen must be intelligently designed. Unfortunately those trying to achieve an ottermode are discouraged from following a smart training approach. In a recent article covering the ottermode body, I pointed out that typical recommendations look something like this:

  • Do high-rep ab moves
  • Lots of cardio
  • Under eat severely – perhaps close to a 1000 calorie deficit
  • Train chest – most likely push ups will be enough
  • Pump your arms, but not too much
  • Don’t train anything else

Even if you’re not looking to become a bodybuilder, this approach to training will cause more harm then good. What you want instead is a more balanced and logical approach, one I outlined in my book The Ottermode Workout.

I couldn’t help but realize that this physique looks very similar to a typical boxer’s physique. In today’s post I want to dissect the training regimens of famous boxers to see if there is any insight into helping us mold our ideal body.

Floyd Mayweather’s 40-Round Boxing Workout


ac5d6cee8e519930f797685f8302b23a published the following Mayweather workout:

  • 3 rounds of Shadow boxing
  • 4 rounds of Hand pad work
  • 3 rounds of Body pad work
  • 4 rounds of Heavy bag work
  • 4 rounds of Hand pad work
  • 3 rounds of Body pad work
  • 2 rounds of Heavy bag work
  • 3 rounds of Hand pad work
  • 3 rounds of Speed bag work
  • 2 rounds of Jump roping
  • 1 round Weighted jump roping
  • 3 rounds of Weighted shadow boxing
  • 2 rounds of Abdominal training
  • 2 rounds of Weighted neck training
  • Final round of 3 sets of 50 pushups

That was just exhausting to write about!

Here’s what I notice immediately: lots of cardio, some , some weights. We don’t see any typical to the likes of a bodybuilding workout. Yet, Floyd Mayweather has a physique both men and women love.

There is no need for Mayweather to perform typical gym workouts. In fact, it would end up slowing him down with bulky muscle.

One key thing to note is that boxers train for their sport, not to look good. Even then, nearly all boxers are ripped to the bone. They also have a very lax approach to nutrition compared to the diets of bodybuilders and physique athletes.

Floyd Mayweather loves spaghetti, tacos, and fast food but will go high protein when training for a fight. He also consumes large quantities of organic fruit juice. He will eat cheat meals and even consume some soda from time to time.

Muhammad Ali’s Champion Workout


Ali avoided weights. Angelo Dundee, Ali’s long time trainer, had this to say: “My belief is that a fighter’s muscles can’t bulk up. There can’t be any restrictions to their punches. I ain’t got nothing against weights. A lot of guys use weights, and they do well with them, but he didn’t.”

So how did Muhammad Ali achieve such a lean and deadly physique?

Here’s a breakdown of his training regimen from

  • 5:30 am 6 mile run
  • 12:30 pm Gym Workout
    • Warm up:
      • Side to sides
      • Torso swivels
      • Jumping around on toes to limber up (15 minutes in total)
    • Shadow boxing: 5 X 3 minutes rounds, working on footwork and speed punching (30 second break in between rounds)
    • Heavy bag: 6 X 3 minute rounds, working on combinations and stamina (30 second break in between rounds)
    • Sparring: Built up sparring as camp progressed
    • Floor exercises: – 15 minutes (300 in total) – bicycle crunches, sit-ups with medicine ball, leg raises
    • Speed Bag: 9 minutes (1 minute break)
    • Skipping: 20 minutes (Ali always moved around while skipping, never staying in the same spot)
    • Shadow boxing: 1 minute, walking around with light shadow boxing

Ali’s gym workouts would last approximately 3 hours. He trained 6 days per week.

Both the workouts of Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather featured copious amounts of cardio. If you were asked to perform 2-3 hours of cardio per day, every day, how would you react?

I bet if you were handed a basketball you could play for a good 2 hours non-stop with your friends.

For these athletes, they were just training for their sport. It wasn’t a workout for them. It was their passion and their livelihood.

Also notice that even though both were on two completely different classes, neither of them lifted heavy weights. Ali was in the heavyweight class, and yet didn’t use any to bulk up.

Manny Pacquiao Ripped Abs Workout


Pacquiao is another boxer who avoids weight training. According to, his looks something like this:

  • Running for 10 miles (stamina building)
  • 8 rounds of shadow boxing
  • 15 rounds of sparring
  • 10 rounds of speed bag
  • 10 rounds of heavy bag
  • 7 rounds of Jump rope
  • 2 sets of Ab crunches of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of knee ups of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of diagonal crunches (both sides) of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of alternate bicycles of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of leg scissors of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of vertical leg crunches of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of side crunches of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of floor wipers of 100 reps
  • 2 sets of Russian twists of 100 reps
  • 10 rounds of agility ladder drills (speed workout)

Note his heavy emphasis on . Personally, I don’t see the purpose of this level of ab work, but all around you can see that Pacquiao’s training is old school.

All three boxers avoided weight training for the fear of building up slow, bulky muscle. Although when used properly olympic weight training and even help increase speed and power – they are still unnecessary in the large scheme of things.

The risk is greater then the reward. For the individual who simply wants to achieve the ottermode-boxing physique, weight training is a luxury, not a necessity.

This is why we developed the Ottermode Workout Plan. This manual goes into detail exactly what you need to do in order to achieve the Ottermode physique.

No complex supplementation, ridiculous dieting, or heavy weight training involved. Simple recommendations and a logical bodyweight regimen can be found in the Ottermode Workout Plan. Click here to purchase today.

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