How to Build a Chest like Bruce Lee

If you’re serious about fitness, chances are you’ve come across a based program. Magazines publish all sorts of things, but the source of Lee’s workouts are from John Little’s book on the legend, titled “The Art of Expressing the Human Body.”

The first routine in which he directly uses a weight-bearing movement to train his chest in chapter 4, titled The General (Overall) Development Routine. In the chapter he is quoted the following regarding his muscles: “My muscles are developed from my martial art ; it’s a different type of training that is performed simply for the sake of developing big, bodybuilder-type muscles.”

The following is a routine he used to build general strength:

  • Clean and Press 2×8-12
  • Barbell Curl 2×8-12
  • Press Behind Neck 2×8-12
  • Upright Rowing 2×8-12
  • Squat 2×12-20
  • Rowing 2×8-12
  • Bench Press 2×8-12
  • Pullover 2×8-12

Notice that the only two he performed for was and Pullover. The man certainly did not have a massive chest. He would have been a lot bigger if he simply at more and trained with higher volume.

Clearly getting bigger was not the purpose of his .

In chapter 12 which dealt with his chest training, John Little reiterates that Lee did not want to build a big, chest. He understood that the chest was involved in moving your hand across your body for any strike or block.

bruce-lee-one-hand-finger-pushupBruce Lee was interested in building that could be immediately converted into power. Dan Inosanto, one of Lee’s students, recounts a story:  “I remember once Bruce and I were walking along the beach in Santa Monica, out by where the ‘Dungeon’ (an old-time bodybuilding gym) used to be, when all of a sudden this big, huge bodybuilder came walking out of the Dungeon and I said to Bruce, ‘Man, look at the arms on that guy!’ I’ll never forget Bruce’s reaction, he said ‘Yeah, he’s big — but is he powerful? Can he use that extra muscle efficiently?”

Another guy interested in developing functional muscle and strength which can be easily converted into power for combat athletes, sports, and military personnel is . After years as a martial artist and working with firefighters, , and soldiers Sonnon has taken typical one-dimensional movements and developed them into highly sophisticated multi dimensional exercises.

If Bruce Lee was alive today, he would have jumped at the chance to try Scott Sonnon’s exercises. Lee was an experimenter, constantly looking for the edge he needed to take his training to that next level.

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