How to get a Flat Female Stomach

Welcome to the next installment in the series. We’ve explored this topic through variety of articles. Check out the previous articles on this topic to give you an understanding on how Female works:

In this article, we will go over 3 of the best tips to getting a I know. Lets begin:

#1- Move your Booty

If you sit a lot then it can seem as though you have a bulge, even if you’re relatively thin. Here’s how it works: when you sit a LOT, which all of us do, your glutes become useless, and your hip flexors become stiff.

Why is this bad? Well, the combination of weak glutes (butt) and stiff hip flexors causes your pelvis to shift forward. This increases the arch in your back, and puts greater stress on your back.

So sitting is bad for both your back and your stomach!

They key is to stand up, and strengthen your butt. Hence, you will be accomplishing three goals at once: strengthen your lower back, build a better booty, and get a flat stomach.

Here’s a great booty and leg shaping workout from Flavia Del Monte:

Flavia has an entire workout package just for women. Click here to learn more about her fitness program for women!

#2 – Stop Doing Crunches

Doing endless crunches is not going to help you get a flat stomach. On top of that, if you’re working your abs every single day, then you’re unnecessarily taxing your muscles. You only need to train your abs 2-3 times per week to see positive .

You’re better off performing stabilizing abdominal exercises, designed to make your core . Start incorporating mountain climbers and planks into your and you’ll see far better results.

Here’s a great abdominal workout by Flavia to help you get stronger abs:

Flavia has an entire workout package just for women. Click here to learn more about her fitness program for women!

#3 – Eat Better Foods

You can train hard and do all the right movements, but if your nutrition is off, then you will not get any results. How do you start cleaning up your diet?

First step is to increase your protein intake. Start replacing your carbs with meat, dairy, fish, and nuts. Also get yourself a good protien powder, and drink a shake right after your workouts.

Reduce your sugar intake. This means you get rid of sugary breakfast cereals, soft drinks, fruit juice, and pastries. Skipping your morning latte’s also goes a long way. If you need the caffeine then switch to flavored tea…without the milk and sugar.

Another great tip is to increase your intake of healthy fats. Along with more protien, nuts are a great source of healthy fats. Other great sources include olive oil and avocados.

Grab some more nutrition tips from Flavia:

Next week we’ll be getting into some military-style . Until then, I recommend you check out Flavia Del Monte’s fat loss program for women. Click here for more info.

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