How to Get in Shape on a Budget

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I’m not an economist, and so I don’t really know where the economy is headed. According to the media and some “experts” the economy is going to get lot worse before it gets better. I’m not scared. I got and money-saving tips to help me out. Here are four tips to help you stay in shape during the tough times:

Free Classes at a Community Center

Believe it or not, there are free classes out there! The most common ones tend to be classes. For a few weeks I went to a Yoga class at a Swaminaryan (one of the many South Asia-based religions out there) Temple. The yoga really helped me balance things out with my five-days a week schedule.

Unfortunately, the class was discontinued for one reason or another. However, recently I found a great free Yoga place in New York City. On St. Marks Place in Manhattan, there’s a place that offers free Yoga classes and workshops. The entire place is basically run on donations. My Yoga classes sometimes turn out to be cheaper than my lunch!

If you look really hard enough, or look at all, you can usually find some place that’s offering fitness classes free or cheap.

Intervals Outside!

Interval is one of my favorite methods of cardio. Go out onto the grass and sprinting and jogging. I also enjoy high intensity jump roping and often alternate jump roping with kettlebell or . There’s really not much more left to say about this, except to point you to some sample workouts:

Workout with the Family

If you’re going to go to the gym, then just do it with the family. I remember once I walked into LA Fitness, just for the hell of it, and asked them about a membership. Then I stated my dad was interested. The guy I was talking to told I’d get a great deal if I brought my parents by tonight. Of course I never did (cuz I have garage gym), but the point is that you can usually discounts if you bring in more members with you.

  • Bonus Tip: This is probably the best time to join a gym. A lot of big chains are struggling to keep members, and may just have discounted or free offers you can use. I also read an article in Mens Health, or one of the magazines, where a guy went to gyms for without paying a cent! He just lived off of free membership and apparently there were a LOT of gyms around where he lived. Or maybe he just drove to a different town each month.

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Train at Home…With your Bodyweight

The best way to save your cash is not even go anywhere. Just stay , and crank out a fewpushups. Here are some sample workouts:

I hope these tips prove to you just how easy it is to get in shape with very little money. Do you have any of your own tips you’d like to share?

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  1. Good post Parth. Totally agree with you on the outdoor intervals. They can be really enjoyable and are a great alternative to the gym, even when you’re not on a budget.

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