How to Start a Fitness Program at Age 40

My father is fifty years old. I decided to train him a few months back. He lost in 2 weeks with minimal dieting effort, and 4 sessions lasting 15 minutes each. He was surprisingly strong, and was even able to knock off 3 good push ups after his .

Training someone older than forty years of age is really not much different then a complete beginner. You need to take into account their fitness level, age, mobility, diet history, and disease history. Luckily for me my father was an extremely healthy guy. He had no mobility issues and no history of diseases. He just needed to drop a few pounds to fit back into his favorite pants.

I used very basic movements with my father, supersetting between two . Here are the two workouts I used to train him:

Upper Body:
A-1) Bent Over Row
A-2) Bent Over Row

Lower Body:
A-1) Deadlifts
A-2) Deadlifts

*Each was performed for 2×10 reps, then gradually increasing reps, weights, and sets each week.

Free weight exercises such as the push press and bent over row are great workouts to start off with, especially if you are not strong enough to perform .

My father was pretty healthy to begin with, but what if you do not have access to a barbell, are not strong enough to perform a push up, and have mobility limitations when performing a squat? What can we do? I’ve devised a simple for beginners using exercises that can be easily learned. However, you will need the following equipment to begin: sturdy wall, dumbbell, and chair.

Monday: Focus

A-1) Wall Push Ups
A-1) Dumbbell Press
A-3) Dumbbell Bent-Over Row

Thursday: Focus

B-1) Chair Squats
B-2) Dumbbell Deadlift

Perform exercise A-1 first, rest 90 seconds, then go on to exercise A-2). Rest for 90 seconds, then move on to exercise A-3) Repeat the circuit two more times for a total of three rounds. Perform the in the same manner.

Your goal is to perform each circuit with 0 rest between each set. The way you do this is gradually decrease you rest periods by 15 seconds each week. For example, start out with 90 seconds rest between each exercise for the first week, then drop it down to 75 seconds the following week. If all goes well, you should be resting only 15 seconds between each exercise. Once you get to this level, come back to me and I’ll give you a harder workout.

* Note: Each exercise above links out to video instructions.

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