How to Use Kettlebell Workouts even if You have no Kettlebells

Yesterday I talked to you guys about Forest’s brand spankin’ new awesome manual.

For those that grabbed the manual…GREAT!

For the rest of ya…either you aren’t interested in , which is fine, or…

(P.S. almost ALL can be performed with a Dumbbell, so even if you don’t have a , you can still replicate these workouts!)

Click here to download his F.REE Kettebell Manual featuring 7 Intense Kettlebell Cardio Workouts!

…Lets talk about the , shall we?

The manual features 2 beginner workouts, 2 intermediate level workouts, 2 advanced level workouts, and 1 extreme level .

In addition, each movement is properly demonstrated by Forest himself! These are super detailed to ensure you’re using 100% safe and effective form.

If you have no Kettlebell at home, simply take these descriptions, and replicate with a dumbbell…


Click here to learn more about Forest’s Kettlebell workouts…

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