Insane Bodyweight Workout for a Busy Lifestyle

Busy men and women often feel that they are unable to stay in shape while working full job, taking care of a family, or going to full time. As regular Shah readers, you know this isn’t true. I provide you with the tools, but you need to get serious about your , and make the time to .

Sometimes you have those days that are so locked up with things to do that you literally have 0 time to . Well, then its time to call in some back up. I’m going to show you an 5-minute workout you can perform anywhere and at anytime.

I suggest you use this workout if you’re really in a serious time crunch. I’m talking about situations where 3 days have gone by without any physical activity, and you just need to get some exercise in – or when you absolutely know that this week is going to be busy so you decide to workout as soon as you , or right before bed.

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Choose your situation. I’ll give you the workout, in fact…it’s not even really a workout. It’s a workout finisher! You just need your body, and just 5 minutes. I suggest you grab an index card, write down the workout and keep it in your back pocket for emergencies.

The Workout

Here it goes. Perform as many rounds of the following in 5 minutes, resting only when needed:

  • Burpees x2
  • Prisoner Narrow-stance Squats x2
  • Close-Grip x2
  • Total Body Extensions x2

Set a 5-minute timer for the workout. Most cell phones feature a stop watch feature. It’s OK if you are unable to time the workout. Just do it. Get your blood flowing and get on with the rest of your day.

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