Intense Kettlebell Abdominal Workout for Ripped Abdominals

Want an Intense Kettlebel Abdominal Workout that will help you get RIPPED Abdominals? Well, the beauty of kettlebell training is that almost every single movement that you perform target the abdominals.

The abdominals and lower back are the key muscles used in every single Kettlebell movement. Every time you swing, snatch, squat, or press, you need to contract your abdominals in order to maintain proper postural alignment and stability.

Hence, your abs are in a constant state of contraction, which is more stimulation then you will ever get with simple situps and crunches!

The following is an intense Kettlebell abdominal workout featured in Chris Lopez’ Kettlebell Revolution program:

Repeat the following circuit 3-5 times.

Rest 60-90 seconds between circuits.

The objective is to better the time it takes to complete the entire circuit on each successive attempt.

1) Double-Hand KB Snatch x 10
2) Overhead Lunges x 10 reps (5 per side)
3) Push-Ups x 10
4) Mountain Climbers x 20
5) 1-Arm Swings x 20 reps (10 per arm, switching arms every 5 reps)

Now, along with abdominal work, you also need to perform cardio in order to see your abs. With weight training, you will be able to build muscle on your abs, but you will never be able to see your abdominals if you do not shed the fat over the muscle.

One of the best forms of cardio is something known as interval cardio. Interval cardio is wehre you alternate between periods of high intensity exercise and periods of rest. However, if you use a Kettlebell circuit like the one above, you will not even need to perform interval cardio!

Here are 2 reasons why:

#1 – Takes up Less Room

One of the reasons why I find interval cardio difficult to perform is that it requires space. For example, if you are using sprinting as your method of interval training, then you will need a wide open space, preferably a track, to perform your sprints. However, with Kettlebells, you just need a minimal, 8×8 room.

#2 – Sprinting on a Treadmill Sucks

In general, machines suck. But the beauty of sprinting is that you’re actually engaging muscle as you sprint. However, when you use a treadmill, half the work is done for you. When you put your foot down, the treadmill does the pulling for you. Hence, it’s the treadmill that actually sprinting, not you.

However, when you train with Kettlebells, YOU are doing all the work. There is nothing pulling you or doing the work for you. This way, you get the most out of your time and effort!

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