Intermediate Bodyweight Workout to Get Back into Shape

It’s summer . Two things happen during summer time with regards to your training: you either get really motivated and increase the of your .


Or, you just get really lazy, start partying with your buddies, and eat like crap. You start missing workouts, and before you know it, you’re in even worse than when you started out with.

Well, if you’re facing such situation, then I’ve got the perfect to help you get back into shape. This is great for who’ve been for a while, but just need to ease back into it.

This workout uses the Inverse Pyramid scheme. I find this to be the perfect scheme to mix up the repetitions and give your body the shock it needs.


Lateral Jumps – Squat Down and explode up. Instead of jumping straight up and down, jump to your left and drop straight into squat position. Repeat on the right side. This is one repetition.

1 ½ Pull-ups – Get under a pull-up bar, and grab it with a palms facing away, shoulder width grip. yourself up until the chin clears the bar. Lower yourself down, and stop half way. Pull yourself back until your chin clears the bar and return to starting position. This is one repetition.


For time:

  • Lateral Jumps, 2 repetitions
  • 1 ½ Pull-ups, 5 repetitions
  • Lateral Jumps, 4 repetitions
  • 1 ½ Pull-ups, 4 repetitions
  • Lateral Jumps, 6 repetitions
  • 1 ½ Pull-ups, 3 repetitions
  • Lateral Jumps 8 repetitions
  • 1 ½ Pull-ups, 2 repetitions
  • Lateral Jumps, 10 repetitions
  • 1 ½ Pull-ups, 1 repetition

Time the entire workout and try to beat your time the next time you perform the workout.


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