Isometrics Strength Review – Todd Kuslikis Pros and Cons

What is Isometrics Strength?

Isometrics Strength is a step-by-step plan which helps you build a muscular, leaner body with strictly using the isometrics or method.

Who is Todd Kuslikis?

Todd Kuslikis is a fitness coach and has helped both men and women burn fat, , and look better with bodyweight-only workouts. He’s creating programs for years, and even organized the famous bodyweight bundle which brought together 37 fitness professionals to offer a discounted bodyweight mega package.

The isometric strength is based on his years of sifting through information from training journals, studies, training clients, and his own experience. He has compiled what works and developed a program to help individuals finally achieve the physique of their dreams.

Read this in-depth interview we conducted with Todd on bodyweight muscle building.

Pros of Isometrics Strength (or how the plan will help you):

#1 – Get the experience and information of someone who has already used the program on himself and clients.

#2 – The program is easy to use with detailed video demonstrations of each exercise, and a completely laid out plan without any guesswork.

#3 – The program is completely backed by science, with a logical approach to getting bigger, stronger, and leaner.

#4 – The workouts are all bodyweight-based, saving you the cost of a gym membership and expensive equipment.


Cons of Isometrics Strength:

This is not your run of the mill . It is all tension-based, which an be a new experience for many. It is recommended you combine with a more traditional program. The following are some suggestions:

What will you get in the Isometric Strength program?

  • Component #1 – Isometrics eBook
  • Component #2 – Isometrics & Exercise Descriptions
  • Component #3 – Isometric Training Log Sheets
  • Component #4 – Bodyweight Physique Academy

Plus the following bonuses:

  • Nutrition for & increasing strength
  • 8 Week Meal Log Sheets
  • Recipes for muscle support & recovery eBook

There are many more features of the plan which you will discover after your purchase.


This program is ideal for you if:

  • You are a relative beginner looking for a comprehensive plan.
  • You don’t want to use medication, stimulants, or drugs to improve your health.
  • You’re ready to finally transform your body the safe way.
  • You are looking for a plan that is logical and consistent.
  • You feel that your plan isn’t helping you build the muscle you desire.
  • You are over 55 and feel that it’s difficult for you to get started with a fitness plan.



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