Jim Rohn’s Rules for Success in Fitness and Life

Jim Rohn is one of the most valued and business teachers of all . The principles that can help us succeed in the workplace and in our careers can also help us in our endeavors.

The following are the top 5 Jim Rohn teachings you can implement into your fitness plan right away:

“Success is steady progress towards one’s personal goals.”

We focus so much on that end goal…”argh, why haven’t I lost that 10 pounds yet!”…that we don’t realize that we can only be successful with our end , if we win our daily .

This means that you…

  • Don’t skip workouts
  • Don’t cheat on your diet (unless you’ve planned a cheat meal)
  • Live an active lifestyle
  • Keep yourself accountable

You are on the path to success if you are stepping towards that end goal every single day.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

In order to succeed with your daily grind, you must build discipline. Discipline and routine is what is going to help you when your body and mind basically doesn’t “feel” like working out.

So much of our failures are connected to the “feeling” of bad foods, or not “feeling” like working out, waking up early, eating right…etc., etc.

Do you rely on your feelings to help you get to school? What about work? No, you get where you need to go because you desire to have your education or you want your paycheck.

So if you want to be healthy and you want to get leaner, or get bigger…why rely on feelings?

Discipline helps us build the toughness needed to succeed on the days we feel lazy and unmotivated. Ready to build unstoppable mental toughness? Check this out ===> The Psychology of Strength

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

Each night your write down exactly what you’re going to do the following day.

It is still important to get it down on paper, even if you know what you’re going to do.

Psychologically, when we see something written down on paper, it helps us build boundaries for us in our minds.

So if one of your friends tell you to do something that is not conducive to achieving your goals (such as catching a movie during your time), you can look right down at your schedule and ask them if you can go out another day.

Protect your workout time. Protect your eating time. Schedule and plan out your days.

“Success is nothing but a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”

We believe that there is an immense amount of things we need to do to achieve our goals. In reality, there are only a few things we need to do, but we must do them well, and we must do them consistently.

In order to or you need:

  • A simple workout plan
  • A simple diet plan

It may become boring after some time, especially the diet part. But you must hang in there. This is part of your daily practice. If you’re ready to build the grit and mental toughness to help you stay on track with your goals despite adversity? Check this out ===> The Psychology of Strength

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

This one really trips people up. We are always taught to run after our dreams. Recently, there has been much talk in the self-help space about attracting success.

Let me frame it in a slightly different way: what is it that separates you from the person who has achieved what you want to achieve?

They carry themselves differently. They behave differently. Their approach to life is different.

So what you must do is create a mental image of your future self – the person who has already achieved the goal that you desire. Ask yourself:

  • What practices and daily habits does this person perform on a daily basis?
  • What benefits does this person experience from achieving their goal?
  • How does this person carry him or herself?
  • How is this person perceived by his or her loved ones?

Really create a mental image of your future self, then work to transform yourself to be that new person. The faster you are able to reinvent yourself, the closer your will be to success.

Do not simply exist, conquer!

– Parth

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