Journey of a Warrior: The Fitness Diary of Parth Shah – Entry One

Monday September 1, 20083 rounds:

20 Pushups
KB + Press, 10 reps
20 Jump Rope Crossovers
KB Front Squat, 10 reps

Parth – 16:49.68
Dom – 11:45/18
D-raj – 11:06.43

Tuesday Semptember 2, 2008

3 rounds:

20 Bodyweight Squats
10 Bentover Rows, 95lbs

Completed as a group with D-raj: 3:56.55

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Push Jerk, 2×5 115lbs
Front Squat, 2×5 75lbs
Clean, 2×5 55lbs
Power Clean + Push Press 2×5 95lbs
Hang Power Clean + Push Press, 2×5 95lbs
Hang Power Snatch, 2×5 75lbs
, 2×15 105lbs
Deadlift, 2×5 195lbs

Thursday, September 4, 2008

21-15-9 reps of:

KB Clean
Hindu Pushups
KB Windmill
KB Row
KB Front Squats

Time – 25:39.60

Friday, Semptember 5, 2008

Push Jerk 2×5, 125lbs

Front Squat 2×5
Dom + D-Raj – 95lbs
Parth – 85lbs

Power Clean 2×5
All – 125lbs
Parth, on second set – 130lbs

Power Clean + Push Press, 2×5
Dom + D-Raj – 95lbs
Parth – 100 lbs
Dom on second set – 100 lbs
D-raj + Parth on second set – 105lbs

Hang Power Clean + Push Press, 2×5
All – 105lbs

Hang Power Snatch 2×5
Dom – 45lbs
D-Raj – 65lbs
Parth – 80lbs

Bent Over Row 2×5
All 115lbs

Dom + D-Raj 180lbs, first set
Parth 200lbs, First Set
All, 200lbs Secon Set


Another great week. I’m especially happy because I have finally figured out how to incorporate heavy training into my . At first I tried the CrossFit method where you randomly include a heavy day amongst each MetCon day. That really didn’t workout for me, so I tried bodybuilding where I perform a series of bodypart-related exercises in the morning. That never really took off. I also tried incorporating heavy training as part of a circuit, but I realized how dangerous that could be. Under the stress of MetCon, if you’re form fails, then you’re gone. I understand that the routine I used this week is far from a balanced one, It was extremely intense. I was sweating as much I did in my regular MetCon training, and I genuinely enjoyed it. Reminds me of my 5X5 days, although those were never as intense as these were. I think it was just the combination of olympic lifts that I enjoyed doing.

Goal for next week:

Develop a balanced strength routine that can be performed 3 days a week. Use the same movements used in the two workouts this week, with similar rep/set/rest schemes.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a balanced routine?

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