Kettlebell Interval Training Routines

Interval training is a lot of fun, and a great way to burn fat. But, if you’re stuck at home then you’re kind of limited to the kind of exercises you can use in your interval workout. Not if you have a Kettlebell!

The Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch is a great advanced movement you can use to perform your interval training. Since the goal of intervals is to get your heart rate up, Snatches, get the job done!

Here’s how you do a Snatch:

There’s a couple of ways you can set up a good interval workout. But my favorite workout is to choose a certain number of snatches to perform, and keep going until all are completed. For example:

Snatch Goal: 50 snatches


  • Do maximum number of snatches with left hand. Rest for 30 seconds, and repeat with right hand.
  • Keep moving in this manner until all 50 snatches are completed with each hand.

60-Second Swings

Swings are another great way to perform intervals. Just grab a Kettlebell, and swing away. For the 60 second workouts, you’re better off going lighter, and doing swings with 2 hands. Perform as many repetitions as possible, followed by a 60 second rest.

2-3 Work to Rest

You can experiment with the interval rep/set scheme. An advanced way to set up an interval workout is to use the 2-3 work to rest ratio. So, you an do 10 minutes of swings followed by 15 seconds of rest.

Here are some other examples of the 2-3 ratio:

  • 36/54
  • 8/12
  • 24/36
  • 16/24
  • 48/72

Experiment, and come up with your own method. Or, you can grab Craig Ballantyne’s 31 Interval Training Workouts manual. This manual is full of amazing and unique interval workouts to keep your workouts fun and exciting.

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