Kettlebell Routine to Destroy Visceral Fat

Lack of a six pack is due to the fact that you carry too much fat on your stomach. It’s as simple as that! So doing tons of situps and crunches everyday is not going to help you reveal your .

In order to , you must stick to compound such as squats, deadlifts, , rows, and chinups.

Heavy compound movements help create a powerful hormonal response, and release testosterone and growth hormone, both of which signal the body to and .

These were the type of basic workouts that help me quickly pack on muscle and lose fat. However, these movements require either a gym membership, or a set of barbells.

My solution was the Kettlebell. Kettlebells help you perform very similar compound movements and release the same amount of testosterone and growth hormone. And unlike movement such as the barbell squat and barbell bench press, you do not need a spotter while you workout.

There have even been reports that helps burn off up to 20 calories per minute! To be frank, this depends on which movements you do, and how hard you push. But this does not take away from the fact that Kettlebells are great way to burn off visceral fat!

What is exactly? Visceral fat is the excess fat that is stored in the abdomen by men. This is what gives men an “apple shaped” body. If you find yourself looking like an apple, then you have an excess of visceral fat.

This fat is specifically stored around internal organs and is the reason why men are at higher risk for heart disease.

In contrast, subcataneous fat is located near the skin’s surface, and does not really have that great of an impact on your health. Hence, it’s the visceral fat that you must worry about.

You can lose visceral fat with low calorie diets, but this just results in a decrease in . Instead, the best way is to take the hormonal approach: release as much testosterone and growth hormone as possible!

That’s where Kettlebell Training comes in! Start using Kettlebells today with the TT program. Click here for more information!

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